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2007 First Half, Questions and Answers

Question Answer Date From
There was a medley of eurovision songs at the start of the 2006 semi finals, what was name of the song sung after "volare" - (think it was
I will watch it again 18 May Kevin UK
will there be any new countries entering in 2008 May be Azerbaijan? 13 May Lewis Hendry UK
Can I watch the Eurovision final contest on USA TV? I so, please, which channel will it be broadcast on? Not sure, but it is available to watch on the internet on the official website 11 May Gareth USA
when did thev Eurovision song contest first begin? and..... how many times
have the UK won the Eurovision song contest?
1956 and 5 times 21 Mar Tamsin Ball UK
Hi. I've been asked this question: A male singer, formerly of a British Hard Rock band represented another country. Who? And what band was he in? Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 15 Jan Andrew UK

2006 Second Half, Questions and Answers

Question Answer Date From
Can anyone tell me who peformed a song that included the lyrics; 'singing songs of praise and glory, we have learned to love that story, Glory, glory, Hallalulja'.  I am sure it was in the late 60s early seventies but
not being able to remember is driving me mad!
Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 23 Dec Michael Ashworth UK
Why did the Vatican turn down the EBU's offer to enter Eurovision? It is a small state 10 Dec Glen UK
What country were Zlad going to represent in 2002? Is Molvania? Where is that country? Is an independent country? Why that country didn't taking part in 2002? Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 9 Nov Chrisostomos Greece
Who sang Britain's entry one step closer I think it was year after bucks fizz had won Bardo 3 Nov James Brown UK
Do you know if its possible to watch this year's Junior Eurovision on Sky TV from the UK? It will be on TVEi on sky channel 802. The 50th anniversary show was broadcast on a Spanish speaking channel. All else fails, watch on the internet or wait until the DVD comes out! 1 Nov Jenna UK
Why did the UK withdraw from the Junior Eurovision 2006? Possibly due to the cost or the finishing position. 1 Oct Bruce UK
What is the real title of the '75 winner of ESC sang by Teach-In for Netherlands? because I've read many version. Ding Dinge Dong 18 Aug Patrick Michelet France
When did Dana win the Eurovision song contest?? 1970 12 Jul Kerry UK


2006 First Half, Questions and Answers

Question Answer Date From
How many points Germany gave to Turkey in 2006 Eurovision song contest? Maximum points, 12 points 15 Jun Tolga Gokce UK
Why can't the faroes enter the Eurovision. I know it is a very very small and not so proper but why They are not an active member of the EBU 25 May Rói samuelsen faroe island
For Junior Eurovision can the kids present a country that isn't their nationality? No 22 May Natasha Serbia, Montenegro
Do you think Belgium, a small country, is ever going to the finals, because it's becoming very difficult we think. There was a poll and 91% wants not to participate again. It is the song that counts, well singing in English will make a difference. 22 May Robin Belgium
Has Italy ever won Eurovision? Yes, twice.1964 and 1990 21 May Caterina Russia
Why do Greece and Cyprus keep voting for each other? Possibly they are neighbours! 21 May Gary UK
What is the name of the song Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision Song Contest? Making Your Mind Up 20 May Daniel UK
Is Scotland, England, Northern Ireland or Wales ever going to compete on their own ? Possibly not as the UK has one broadcaster of the Eurovision, the BBC. You cannot count ITV. 20 May Lewis Hendry UK
Which country withdrew from the competition because it no longer existed in 1993 It was because Luxembourg main TV station turned Private

(Thanks for Lewis Hendry  from the UK for the answer to this question)

15 May Wendy Bush UK
How many times have former participants ever hosted a contest? 1991 Italy
2003 Latvia
2005 50th Anniversary Show
there will be many more.
11 May Moldienut UK
Why Austria and Hungary don't took part in Eurovision Song Contest 2006.? Perhaps something due to poor scores from the previous year. 9 May Monica Serbia
How old was Dana when she won the Eurovision song contest Born in 1972, Age 26 when she won. 11 Apr W Burchill UK
Serbia & Montenegro withdraw from Eurovision, does that mean Croatia (who was 11 last year, one place from securing final 2006) will enter the finaldirectly, or it means this year there will be 11 countries entering from
semi-final to final?
Croatia will qualify automatically instead. 14 Mar Ivica Jandric

Bosnia & Herzegovina
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2005 Second Half, Questions and Answers

Question Answer Date From
I have the 1999 UK entry Precious on CD single and one of the girls on the front looks like a CBBC presenter called I think Sophie, does anyone know
if it is the same lady cheers.
The 5 members of Precious were Louise Rose, Jenny Frost, Sophie McDonnell, Kalli Clark-Sternberg, Anya Lahiri. And yes, it is the same Sophie. 20 Dec Adam Stiles UK
Which non-Scandinavian has given Norway most points in esc ever?

How many points has Sweden given to Norway and Norway given to Sweden from
This will take time to calculate. 05 Oct Habostad Norway
Who composed the song 'Congratulations' sang by Cliff Richards in the 1968
Eurovision for U.K.?
Bill Martin or Phil Coulter 05 Oct Michael O'Malley Ireland
is it true that the rules are going to be changed for the 2007 ESC, is
this true??
Unknown at the moment 30 Sep marija Australia
which girl band represented the united kingdom in 1999's Eurovision song
Precious 23 Sep lavinia oliver UK
who sang the 1976 Norwegian hit "My Lovely Horse", the 1996 Eurovision song contest entrance for Ireland in father ted (the sitcom)? It was Neil Hannon (of The Divine Comedy)

(Thanks for Greg Palin  from the UK for the answer to this question)

19 Sep selina farrell UK
I'd like to know who is the woman the plays the violin next to Dino & Beatrice (live performance at ESC Jerusalem 1999, Bosnia & Herzegovina  99). The name and something of her biography The woman is Selma Bajrami - she is a singer in Bosnia, and she participated in Bosnia & Herzegovina's National Final in 2003 and ended 6th.

(Thanks for Ivica Jandric  from Bosnia & Herzegovina for the answer to this question)

28 Aug Arcadio Spain
Is there an age-limit to watch the contest at the contest? There is no age limit (for either contest) but remember that it will be broadcast at 9pm CET, so for 2006 contest in Greece, it will start 10pm local time and finish at 1:20am. I do not think children will want to stay up that later! 25 Aug Kevin Knight UK
Which years were 25 nations took part in Eurovision? This is the last of this type of question which will be answered.

1998, 1997, 1994, 1993

17 Jul Jethro Offemaria UK
I heard that Monaco will not enter next year is it true At the moment it is too early to tell. 9 Jul Paul Ferguson UK
Can you please tell me is there any chances of new Eurovision format for next year. For example rules changing, more countries participation. So my question is the actual limitation is for 40 countries and not more then 40 countries? At the moment, the only new change is that no more than 40 countries can enter the contest in any year. There is also a restriction for the junior contest. I think it is around 20. 6 Jul Hristijan Spirovski Australia
How old do you have to be to go to the Eurovision song contest? (not junior) 16 for Adult, 8 to 15 for Juniors 4 Jul Kevin Knight UK
Which years were 23 nations took part in Eurovision? 2001, 1999, 1996, 1995, 1992 2 Jul Jethro Offemaria UK
Who were the jury spokespersons in Eurovision 1995? Why do you want to know? 2 Jul Jethro Offemaria

2005 First Half, Questions and Answers

Who holds the (secret vote) results of the first ESC in 1956 and why don't they reveal them? Because the first contest was not televised there was no record of the contest, the results were given out, but they were lost, and no-one can remember, so no-one knows.

(Thanks for Kevin Knight  from the UK for the answer to this question)

30 Jun Bert Saarloos
Can you tell me what is the deadline that the broadcasters have to confirm their participation for Eurovision and what happens with the selection of the Serbian and Montenegro entry? I recently heard in the media that Montenegro wants their own selection. The deadline is set every year, but this is never normally set in stone as exceptions can be made. Serbia and Montenegro often disputed how they
would like to enter but being only one principality they could only enter  one act. In 2006 they were disqualified because the two nations could not  agree between them who would represent the FY nation, and they missed the deadline. This year the two countries separated and are likely to enter two different acts as independent countries in 2007. Now though it seems Kosovo will also become independent of the Serbian nation and will want to
enter separately, but I don't see this happening until 2008

(Thanks for Craig Sutherland  from the UK for the answer to this question)

29 Jun Hristijan Spirovski
I heard that Austria WILL NOT participate next year and it is confirmed. Is there any other countries that will do the same that is known for now, and is there any new entering the contest (again, that is known for now)? Austria will not enter. Do not know at the moment who is in or not 21 Jun Ivica Jandric
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Who where the background dancers for Carola when she won in 1991 which "Fångad av en stormvind" Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 21 Jun Jörgen Sweden
What was the First British song to win the Eurovision song contest Sandie Shaw, 1967 14 Jun Kirsty Stewart UK
What was the Eurovision contest first known as who on the whole has won most Eurovision male or female. I do not know when it was calculated how many men and women have won but I have worked out to the best of my knowledge they have been 31 females and female duos or groups, 12 males and male duos or groups and 10 mixed duos and groups including the 4 winners in 1969 (which were all female).

(Thanks for Adam Stiles  from the UK for the answer to this question)

10 Jun ?? UK
Which were the five songs which Norway entered the Eurovision with which were written by Rolf Lovland I know of three Let da swinge in 1985, Duet in 1994 and Nocturne in 1995. the 1995 entry was the song 'secret garden' and 1985's was 'La Det Swinge' - both written by Rolf Lovland

(Thanks for Mike Collins  from the UK for the answer to this question)

According to the 50th Anniversary ESC Book. There are only 4 songs. The other one is 1987 Mitt Liv by Kate Gulbrandsen.

(Thanks for Peter Hall  from the UK for the answer to this question)

06 Jun Adam Stiles United Kingdom
Why have Liechtenstein and Vatican city never participated in the ESC ? Liechtenstein and the Vatican City do not enter as they have no national television station and therefore could not show  the contest. EBU rules  state that all countries must be able to broadcast the contest through television.

(Thanks for Lewis R  from the UK for the answer to this question)

05 Jun Sylvain France
Do you know who wrote the Elisabeth Andreassen song Eternity for Norway in 1996, it sounds very Secret Garden ish and I know her entry in 1994 and Bobbysox winning song for Norway in 1985 was written by Rolf Lovland of Secret Garden fame . It was written and composed by Torhild Nigar

(Thanks for Mike Collins  from the UK for the answer to this question)

03 Jun Adam Stiles UK
why isn't Italy in the European song contest? Because they are not interested 03 Jun Lorenzo Sommadossi Australia
Can you please tell me if the Norwegian pop group A-HA ever entered in the ESC ? No. Morten Harket hosted the show in 1996. 01 Jun Katy Rogers UK
In the 1991 Eurovision, which country/singer sang Claudio Baglioni's song "Questo Piccolo Grande Amore" in the postcard section before the real song? Answer will appear here later after I watched the contest again! 29 May Lyat Israel
What song and artist was to perform for Tunisia in 1977? Tunisia was't planing to enter or do anything about Eurovision in 1977.

(Thanks for Glen Bartlett  from the UK for the answer to this question)

Tunisia announced their intention to enter the contest in 1977, and they were drawn 4th in
the running order.  Télévision Tunisienne was to select a singer and song internally, but at some point along the way they withdrew giving no reason.  Some say they were unable to find a suitable song but the likely reason is the presence of Israel, which Tunisia did not recognise at that

(Thanks for Steven Weldon  from Ireland for the answer to this question)

28 May Krister Kärppä Sweden
Is it true that Georgia will join to ESC in 2006? At the moment, they are interested in taking part. Will find out in 2006. 25 May Euroboy  
Will Slovakia and Italy coming back to Eurovision? Slovakia, may be, Italy NO. 25 May Jethro Offemaria UK
Which country has given the United Kingdom the most points over the whole history of the contest? Working out an answer to this! Possibly Ireland 25 May Mark Godfrey UK
How did this years Macedonian entrant win? (by panel of judges or
In Macedonia, there was a mixture of televoting, an expert jury and the audience in the venue. Each of them counted one third.

(Thanks for Klaus Berg from Germany for the answer to this question)

24 May Alex UK
Is Luminita Anghael who was in the semi final representing Romania this
year related to Monica Anghel who represented Romanian with Marcel Pavel in 2002
No they are not related but Luminita stated they are friends

(Thanks for Simon Taylor from the UK  for the answer to this question)

23 May Adam Stiles UK
What date will next years Eurovision song contest 2006 in Athens be on and how can I get tickets ? Possibly 18 and 20 May 2006. I will mention this only one. TICKETS DO NOT GO ON SALE UNTIL 2 MONTH BEFORE THE CONTEST. 23 May Martin Maclaren UK
Name of song I think it came second and was a big seller all round the world and had black in the title please. The only one I can find is 1990 "White and Black Blues" by "Joëlle Ursull" for France 23 May Ian knight Australia
Which country won the very first ESC? Switzerland 22 May Sabrina Denmark
What is the name of the body artist who appeared in the break before the scores last night? Anatoliy Zalevskiy. This music was written by Juriy Shepeta (Ukraine) is specially for this
event. And there is no title for this music.
22 May Jo UK
What age do you have to be to go on Eurovision? 16 and over for the Adult competition, 8 to 15 for the Junior competition 22 May Cydnie Northern Ireland
Why are Italy never in the Eurovision They haven't been interested for many years. Perhaps they are scared of winning! 22 May Josie Italy
In the 2005 event last night what was the name of the girl who presented the voting results from the Netherlands ? Nance - National Song festival host 22 May Michael Romania
It is not correct how they judge and how votes are given. It will be more
sufficient and practical if the judges will be from outside Europe so that
it will be more fear to the artists who enter, and not for friends to friends as it is today.
Wouldn't that break 50 years of rules of the Eurovision. 22 May Nicholas A. Aquilina Malta
Has any Caucasus country specially ARMENIA show any interest to take part in the contest and eventually are they permitted to do so, I mean are they allowed in? They can't as they are not active members of the EBU. Example of a non active EBU member (Australia). 22 May Aris Armenia
Will some countries be excluded in next years contest due to poor
performance in 2005 or in past events? If so, is it decided which
countries will be excluded from the competition in 2006. And in that case which countries will enter instead?
No countries are excluded in 2006. However the big 4 countries (well the little 4 in 2005), UK, Spain, France and Germany qualify automatically to the final even they came bottom 4. See 3 questions down 22 May Joakim Estonia
Why is there not a 9 point and 11 point system why does it skip to 10 and then 12 from 8 Interesting point. The rules was developed 30 years ago. Possibly making more interesting 21 May Dave UK
Please confirm how many times Buck Fizz entered, I am sure it was 2 although one of those they did not get past the UK contest part? Once 21 May Christian UK
I am curious as to how countries qualify to the final, and how they are selected to be in the semi final in the first place. For instance, my country (UK) appear to automatically qualify to the final, despite receiving few votes the previous year. Whereas Ireland with a good track history was in the semi-fianl and didnt even qualify in this years final. The Big 4, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain are the biggest contributor (money) to Eurovision hence automatic qualification. That mean even though the Big 4 countries were in the bottom 4 in 2005, they all qualify for 2006! 21 May Tony UK
Is there any countries sending a other song to the competition as the winner song of the national competition?? This year, Anjelica Agurbash from Belarus performed "Love Me Tonight" instead of her National Finals Winner "Boys And Girls".

(Thanks for Klaus Berg from Germany for the answer to this question)

21 May A Habereder  
was there any countries that the was disqualified before the song contest starts.? In 1988 Cyprus was disqualified because the fact that their entry was not an original song turned out after the deadline. That will explain why Greece could not give 12 points to Cyprus that year!

(Thanks for Klaus Berg from Germany for the answer to this question)

21 May A Habereder  
was Egypt or Jordan ever interesting to enter the song contest. that means like Lebanon this year. that the have a national competition and in the last minutes the are not coming. I think in the beginning 80 I have one time Egypt on my list Egypt has never entered the song contest, but they can if they want as they are an active member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Lebanon withdrew because they was planning to show adverts during the Israeli song which is not permitted by the EBU. They were fine heavly, do not know how much. 21 May A Habereder  
Whose son represented Sweden in the 1996 contest? Benny Andersson's son Peter Grönvallplayed piano on Den Vilda's song, "One More Time"

(Thanks for Chris Wright from the UK  for the answer to this question)

18 May Joan Gregson UK
Who did Lulu beat to represent the UK in 1969? In 1969, Lulu was the only competitor. The runner up was a song called "March"

(Thanks for Paul Mears from the UK  for the answer to this question)

18 May Joan Gregson UK
How many countries were there in the first ESC? 7 Countries singing 2 songs 18 May Joan Gregson UK
Why isn't Ireland in the kids Eurovision? Possibly they do not want to! 15 May Tania Geary Ireland
I am trying to find out the name of a song and the singer.... I believe it possible was in the esc in 1977 or there abouts... It was also possibly a foreign group. A line of the Lyrics are "do it do it again, do it do it again with love....." etc... Raffaella Carre song was Called Do It Do It Again ( with love)

(Thanks for Mark Palmer and Richard Woolley  from the UK  for the answer to this question)

Additional Answer

The lyrics "Do it do it again" was from a song called "A far Lamore Cominicia Tu'or" or in English "Do it Do it again". It was not chosen as a Spanish or Italian song for Europe. The CD does not mention that they were put forward as a possible national finalist.

(Thanks for Paul Mears from the UK  for the answer to this question)

13 May Barry Spain
Has any African/Asian countries ever entered. As this is the EUROVISION song contest, only the following Countries are not part of Europe which have entered : Israel, Most of Turkey and Russia. Morocco. I would count some of the former Russian countries as part of Europe like Ukraine and Estonia.

(Thanks for Arni  from Iceland for additional answer of Morocco which I forgot about!)

13 May Lewis Hendry UK
What are the names of Alsou's backing dancers (Eurovision 2000)? Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 11 May Si Taylor UK
How many times has Elisabeth Andreassen taken part in the Eurovision in the finals of national finals Elisabeth Andreassen entered the main contest in 82, 85, 94, 96. Do not deal with national finals on this site 05 May Adam Stiles UK
Have the group Modern Talking ever entered the Eurovision. No, Modern Talking never entered Eurovision. The singer of Modern Talking was Thomas Anders. Dieter Bohlen (the song writer and composer) has written a number of Eurovision entries: he was composer for both Germany and Austria in 1989 and for Austria again in 1992.

(Thanks for Martin Bush  from Australia  for the answer to this question)

05 May Adam Stiles UK
Who was the German person who gave the results from Germany in 2004 The German spokesperson was Thomas Anders, in the 1980's he was a member of the pop group Modern Talking

(Thanks for Jesper Bexkens  from the Netherlands  for the answer to this question.

05 May Adam Stiles UK
Is the Eurovision Song Contest broadcast in the USA ?, if so, what network No but it is available via the internet using the official site. 02 May Paul UK
What was the other song ABBA could have entered the Eurovision with in 1974 instead of waterloo, I hear they chose 2 songs for the Swedish final but chose waterloo at the last minute The other song that ABBA could have entered in 1974 was 'Hasta Manana'

(Thanks for Paul from UK for the Loaded dice answer to this question)

22 Apr Adam Stiles UK
Which year did Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson represent UK and in which position did they finish. 1959 singing "Sing Little Birdie". Came second. 11 Apr Jim Jordan UK
What was the name of the last act to win the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK Katrina and the Waves, 1997 02 Apr David Glass UK
I heard that this year representative Serbian-Montenegrian song might not be "No Name" boyband. Zeljko Joksimovic, last year Serbian representative sued them of stealing the song. What's with that? No Name will represent Serbia & Montenegro. Zeljko Joksimovic complained that the montenegrian jury was setting up the result so No Name would win, but the accusations were dismissed.

(Thanks for Ivica Jandric from Bosnia & Herzegovina  for the Loaded dice answer to this question)

27 Mar Marko Ivanovic
Serbia and Montenegro
Does Roger Wallis, composer of Sweden's 1969 entry, have an Australian connection? I have heard that he does, but have only seen his nationality described as UK/Sweden. Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 17 Mar Martin Bush Australia
Did Gilbert O' Sullivan ever sing a song for Ireland in the ESC and if so when and what was the name of that tune? No 7 Mar Nuala Cullen Ireland
What year did ''volare'' in the Eurovision Song Contest I cant find the title anywhere Answer is 1958 for Italy, under the title "Nel blu dipinto di blu", sung by Domenico Modugno

Many thanks to the following people with the answer to this question. Wished I updated this page more often!!
Andrew Latto (UK), David Burrows (UK), Martin Bush (Australia), Gary Collett (UK), Daniel Lewis (UK), Ivica Jandri (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

6 Mar Ron Smith UK
I was wondering do you no if Cory Spedding and Loaded Dice from the Junior Eurovision have official websites? or a website were I can find out more about them? Normally do not answer this question on this site as I only deal with winners. Cory Spedding Website is .
Loaded dice is

(Thanks for Daniel Lewis from UK for the Loaded dice answer to this question)

4 Feb Rachel UK
Is there any way I can watch Eurovision 2005 from United States of America? If so, where can I watch it or from where can I order it? Normally broadcast on the official website on the night. There is a good chance that it will be available on DVD but remember that these DVD are in PAL format so you need a PAL Compatible DVD Player in the USA 31 Jan Adriana Makarukha Ukraine
Is there any plans for Turkey to enter the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005? Due to children involved, the number of countries entering on Junior Eurovision is restricted. So at the moment, no. 29 Jan Ejder Sevgen Raif UK
Why doesn't countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia not vote for Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest? Who knows! 29 Jan Ejder Sevgen Raif UK
Have any ESC contestants been disqualified for drug or alcohol abuse! Or do you know if any of the acts have been involved in any scandals since their appearance on Eurovision? Tony Wegas (Austria '92, '93) was jailed a few years after his '93 performence for stealing off two elderly women to buy drugs."

(Thanks for Wez Brookes  from UK for the answer to this question)

20 Jan Phil UK
Could you please tell me if knock on wood was a esc entry and who sung it

Knock On Wood wasn't a Eurovision entry. It was by Safri Duo ft. Clark Anderson, from their 2003 album 3.0

(Thanks for David Hedley  from UK for the answer to this question)

13 Jan Shaun UK
How many countries have had nil points and what countries are they? go to this page (eurovision_nilpoints.asp) on this site 12 Jan Glen UK

2004 Second Half, Questions and Answers

Question Answer Date From
The force represented which country in the ESC?
They have also become famous under a different name, what is that?
Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 05 Jan Ruth UK
Should the Eurovision song contest be strictly European as in the name. Well it start with European Countries when it first started. 08 Dec Moldie Nut UK
Why are non European countries entering the Eurovision Song Contest. Non European countries enter as they are members of the EBU. They also need to be active members and non passive members. Eg. Israel is an active member. Australia is a passive member. (I think). 06 Dec Moldie Nut UK
I treni di Tozeur, Italy '84 is my absolute favourite song of the ESC. You sort of mentioned that the Italians were disappointed about its placing in the contest. DO you have any kind of back story about this song? Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 02 Dec Dimitris Greece
I've read somewhere that Jessica Garlick's song "Come back" was only a second late choice as her first try had been disqualified or something is this true? what was her first try called and why was this dropped? UK's 2002 entry was chosen through the Song for Europe contest. The four finalists for this contest were: Come Back (Jessica Garlick), Never In A Million Years (Zee)
DJ Romeo (Tricia Penrose), I Give In (Surf N' Turf)

The first two of these were considered by many to be the favourites. However 'Never In A Million Years' was disqualified when it was discovered that it had been previously released in Hungary, and Come Back went on to win.

(Thanks for Martin Bush from Australia for the answer to this question)

28 Nov Wez Brookes UK
Will there be any new countries in the contest? I heard that Moldova, Lebanon, Czech Republic, Bulgaria might enter the contest, also that Italy and Hungary might return? Is that true? See below for the answer.

Hungary will return in 2005. Italy will not.

15 Nov Ivica Jandric Bosnia and Herzegovina
I would like to know which new countries are allowed to participate to the contest, and is Armenia one of those countries? Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Moldova.

Armenia did not express an interest

13 Nov Nerses Abrahamyan Armenian Republic
Could you tell me what is the 50th anniversary event all about? It is a celebration of 50 years of the Eurovision Song Contest. No details as yet. 24 Oct Katrin Estonia
if you are a singer and want to go on Eurovision, will a song be written for you. what details do i need to know so i can go on Eurovision. I was born in the uk so im eligible to enter but can I please find out some information about 2006 in the UK heats and any detail  you know about entering as a singer. It is up to the various countries to decide who to sing. 22 Oct Andrew Australia
Will The 50th Anniversary programme be broadcasted in channels which broadcasted ESC? It should be and could be worldwide 19 Sep Ivica Jandric
Bosnia and Herzegovina
How many new countries are allowed to enter the Eurosong contest? Not too sure about the limit. 36 countries entered last year. The limit is 40 but as 41 express an interest for 2005, they might let that one go 18 Sep Anahit Araqelyan
How old was the winner of Junior Eurovision 2003? 4 June 1992, making him 11 when he won the contest 22 Aug Kenneth Leonard UK
What are the dates for the junior Eurovision song contest 2004 and 2005? 20 November 2004. Date for 2005 not confirmed until Spring 2005. 01 Aug Emily UK
In 1987 Rikki sang for the united kingdom and I was wondering if anyone knew his date of birth. Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 26 Jul Robbie Anderson UK
How was decided by which order will jury vote? By a draw, normally in November. The voting order should be the same as the performance order but since more countries are voting, it is done in ISO alphabetical order. eg. GB = United Kingdom, DE = Germany, ES = Spain, EE = Estonia etc. 24 Jul Ivica Jandric Bosnia and Herzegovina
Why do UK, France, Spain and Germany enter finals no matter what is there placing? This is the most common question get asked. This is because these 4 countries contribute the most money. 24 Jul Ivica Jandric Boania and Herzegovina
Which European country has never participated in ESC? Is there any
possibility that they will enter soon?
Tunisia, Algeria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, San Marino, Syria, Vatican State. Yes, some of these are not in Europe! They are active members of the EBU 24 Jul Ivica Jandric Boania and Herzegovina
What languages are used the most in the ESC songs (except English)? English and French 24 Jul Ivica Jandric Boania and Herzegovina
What country has the most participations? Germany, 48 Times. Germany did not enter 1996 due to low score in 1995. 24 Jul Ivica Jandric Boania and Herzegovina
When was ESC broadcasted in all of Europe for the first time? 1956 24 Jul Ivica Jandric Boania and Herzegovina
What is the biggest ESC scandal? 4 way tie in 1969? Any others? 24 Jul Ivica Jandric Boania and Herzegovina
Who makes rules about ESC? And is there some kind of »base« of ESC? The European Broadcasting Union 24 Jul Ivica Jandric Boania and Herzegovina
Rule about ties, is it used always or only when it's necessary? Since when there are such rules? It is used only once since the scoring change in 1975. Sweden and France in 1991. Sweden had more 12 and more 10 points than France. 24 Jul Ivica Jandric Boania and Herzegovina
Bruce Forsyth says his daughter appeared for the UK in 1988 beaten into second place but the records show Scott Fitzgerald represented UK. Was she in the backing group? if so what was the name of the group Normally I do not allow questions about the heats in Eurovision, but this is a one off.

Bruce Forsythe's Daughter (Julie) wrote the song 'GO' to represent the UK for that year.

(Thanks for Paul  from UK for the answer to this question)

24 Jul Roger Upward UK
What are the dates for qualifying to represent United Kingdom in 2005
Eurovision. How do you enter to represent a country. Do you have to have already wrote a song to qualify or are you given a song to sing
30 September 2004 is the UK deadline. Go to for details. Under the heading song search 2005. You have to write the song. If successful, the organiser will get another artist to perform. For the UK contest, you must be a UK resident.

Seeing that you are from Australia, you cannot enter the Eurovision contest for any European Country including the UK.

24 Jul Andrew Australia
In what order will the Juniors sing will they be performed alphabetically or some other way? This will be decided in a draw yet to be decided. 22 Jul Glen UK
What is the date of the Semi and the Final of Eurovision in Ukraine? Eurovision 2005 to be held on Thursday 19 May for Semi Final Final to be held on Saturday 21 May. 22 Jul Glen UK
What is going to be expected from Armenia if they want to participate to the contest, except that they have to enter the EBU? It is up to the people of Armenia to decide who enters, however Armenia is not allow to enter the Eurovision as they are an associate member and not an active member. Another country who is an associate member is Australia! Associate members cannot enter. 21 Jul Aram Danielyan Republic of Armenia
Some people say that Serbia and Montenegro participated in ESC 1992, but under name Yugoslavia. Is that true, or was that Ex-Yugoslavia? It is true. at the time of ESC 1992, the other ex-Yugoslav republics, were already independent. therefore, Yugoslavia was consisted of Serbia & Montenegro. Furthermore, 1992 was the 1st time that Yugoslavia appeared under new flag - without the red star.

(Thanks for Daniel  from Israel  for the answer to this question)

21 Jul Ivica Jandric
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Was Croatia punished 1999? Why? What was the punishment? I don't see that on Your table of ESC 1999! Croatia was punished indeed in 1999, because they used a human voice in the playback, which is forbidden. their punishment did not effect the 1999 table. But since the relegation system that was used between 1997-2001, was based on average points in
previous 5 years, their punishment was a deduction of 1/3 of the average points. Despite that punishment, Croatia still had enough average points, in order to participate in 2000, thanks to high number of points, which were achieved in previous years.

(Thanks for Daniel  from Israel  for the answer to this question)

21 Jul Ivica Jandric Bosnia and Herzegovina
What country is the most/least successful in the ESC? UK has the most points in Eurovision, Ireland won the most, 7 times. Switzerland in recent years seems to come last. Norway has more nil points but recently doing well. 21 Jul Ivica Jandric Bosnia and Herzegovina
Where can I see the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in full? Buy the Junior Eurovision Song Contest DVD. Song Contests are only on the internet up to 30 days after the contest. Only available on the official sites. 18 Jul Glen UK
In either 1986 or 87 contests one of the contestants was obviously pregnant, can you tell me who it was? (it is a serious question, cant remember the song title but we know this person sang it!) Kirsten, of the group HOT EYES that represented Denmark in 1987 was pregnant.

(Thanks for Martin Maillot  from France for the answer to this question)

The singer for Denmark who represented that
country in 1984 (4th - Name of Song: "Det Lig Det"), 1985 (11th - Name of Song: "Sku Du Spor Fra No'en") and 1988 (3rd Name of Song:"Ka'Du Se Hva'Jeg Sa'" ). The name of the group with who she was singing is Hot Eyes

(Thanks for João from Portugal for the answer to this question)

8 Jul Mark UK
I'm confused about placing of countries which participated semi-finals, but not finals. Switzerland was last in semi-finals, so its placing is 22nd, but completely 36th, isn't it? Please answer!!! The placing in each of the Semi Final and Final are different, so Switzerland finished 22nd Place in the Semi Final. Placing are reset in the final. 6 Jul Ivica Jandric Bosnia and Herzegovina
Before the current voting system there was a "free ten" voting in place, explain this? This allow countries to allocate up to 10 votes between as many countries as they like. They could give 1 vote for 10 countries or 10 votes for 1 country or 2 votes for 5 countries. 6 Jul Luq Australia
Where is the J-ESC 2004 going to be held? Lillehammer in Norway. See this page 1 Jul Glen UK

2003 First Half, Questions and Answers

Question Answer Date From
Is it true that Egypt will be entering one day? They can do, but unlikely 27 Jun Glen UK
As the opener a young lady sang a really terrific song (NOT a contestant!!) Can you tell me the name of the lady and the name of the song?? If you mean the 2004 contest, it is Sertab, 2003 Eurovision Winner with "Everyway that I can"

Sertab also performed a song called "LEAVE" which appears on her "NO BOUNDARIES" album
(Thanks for Wez Brookes  from the UK with an additional answer)

14 Jun Rolli Germany
Who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002? Latvia 10 Jun Jane Gardner UK
Will Armenia participate to the eurosong contest next year? Too early to tell 10 Jun Andranik  Hakobian USA
what year did Ireland win the Eurovision song contest Go to this page 08 Jun Dave UK
How many countries are allowed to participate to the eurosong contest in 2005? And how many new countries are going to participate? Too early to tell 06 Jun Arthur Sahakian Russia
Italy has not entered the Eurovision Song Contest since 1997 why? Because they are not interested! 25 May Rosalie Woolfson UK
What year did Italy get a zero in Eurovision? What song is Italy performing in Eurovision 2004. 1966 is the only time that Italy had nil points. Italy has not entered since 1997. 23 May Marbella USA
Which ESC is considered to be the most successful. Was it the 1994 event the year of Riverdance? I now probably say Turkey 2004. 20 May Seve Penn UK
Is it official, according to rules from EBU that two or more entries from this year's contest that scored the same number of points are unable to share the same placing? (That Sweden ended at 6th place, Croatia at 13th and Ireland at 23rd). If this is the case, which year did they start to apply this rule for every entry, and not just when it is absolutely necessary? (Like France's 2nd place in 1991 and Netherlands' 19th place in 2001 which made the country incapable to entry the next year). Before 2003, the song with more 12pts was placed higher. If that didn't settle it, then the song with more 10pts is placed higher (the reason Sweden beat France in 1991), then 8pts (how Latvia qualified for 2002 ahead of the Netherlands), then 7pts and so on until the tie was settled.

Since 2003, the country that got points from more countries is placed higher (which is how Malta qualify automatically for next year's Final, although they tied with Croatia). After that is done, they use the "pre
2003" method.

(Thanks for Jessica Nathalie Carter  from the UK with the answer to this question.)

19 May Johannes Sweden
Which new countries are going to participate to the Eurosong contest 2005?
I've heard Bulgaria is willing to participate too...
Too early to tell. Come back November 2004 18 May NK The Netherlands
How may La's were contained within Spain's Eurovision entry poetically called La La La 139, and counted every single one! Well the answer was given on BBC's Eurovision Just a little bit more. 17 May Gary Hunt UK
What is the name of the J-ESC theme song? It is called Remee, as mention on the JESC 2003 CD. 16 May Tri ??
Who one the first ever song contest and what was the song? 1956 Switzerland, Lys Assia singing Refrain 16 May Kathyrn UK
How come Israel participates to the Eurosong contest? Is Israel an European country? This is the most common question asked by everyone. Israel belong to the EBU. It is as simple as that. 16 May J Holland
I was wondering, if you knew the name of the performers that were shown during the interval act in Eurovision 2002? What was the name of the song they performed to? Rebirth is the name of the performance with the Estonian Television Children Choir. 15 May Crystalyn Australia
What should Armenia do to enter the EBU? And when can the country participate to the Eurosong festival? Armenia and any other country must join the EBU before allowing entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. No idea regarding entry. 14 May Hrant The Netherlands
In 2001 Ireland made only 6 points. Who gave them to Ireland? I imagine the UK was generous! Portugal gave 1 point, UK gave 5 points. 13 May Dan Canovana UK
Who wrote Ireland's 1970 entry, All kinds of everything? Derry Lindsay and Jackie Smith. 11 May James Peterson UK
Just wondered out of the 4 Big Ones which country contributes the most money? I'm assuming us coz we've hosted it for other countries in the past when we shouldn't have done.

The big 4 is United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany.

The sum of money each broadcaster pays to EBU is more or less based on the number of inhabitants and the height of Gross National Product .. on both grounds it's likely that Germany (ARD) is the country contributing the most.

It says there was no rule for the winner to host the
next ESC the year after - the rule in fact was there but some countries could not afford hosting it (in most cases because they had hosted it recently before, except Monaco in 1972 which couldn't find a location in their tiny territory) and that's why BBC has offered so many times to take over.

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question.)

11 May Daniel Smith UK
I am a little confused with this years format. Am I right in saying that the semi final is being broadcast live on BBC3? Secondly, will the results be announced on Wednesday, or will we have to wait until Saturday's final to find out Wednesday's results? The semi final will be broadcast live on BBC3 and across Europe (certain countries are not broadcasting it). The results are know at the start of the Final and not before. 10 May John Harley UK
What were the names of the members of Bucks Fizz? Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan, Jay Aston and Bobby G 09 May Brian Manning UK
Who wrote 'If my world stopped turning' for Ireland this year? I know Chris Doran is singing it. Bryan McFadden (Ex Westlife) and Jonathan Shorten 06 May Dan O'Donnell UK
Have any artists sung backup for another singer/group and then sung
themselves or vice versa (I know Karmen Stavec sung in 2003 and was backup
for Vili Resnik in 1998)
Final four are back up singers for Ireland this year, and I know one of them was a back up singer for Ireland 2 or 3 years ago.

(Thanks for John Hewitt from the UK with the answer to this question.)

This list is pretty long, there are many backing singers that later got to ESC as a soloist. To name a few Marianna Efstratiou, Debbie Scerri, Tanel Padar, Bettina Soriat and many others. The other way round (first solo, then backing) is less common but e.g. Georgina Abela (ESC 1991) was a backing for Malta in 1996 and Irish winner of 1994 Paul Harrington was backing in 1998. There are several others in this category as well.

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question.)

03 May Wez Brookes UK
Did Charles Aznavore Ever Sing In this Competition? No 03 May D Hilditch UK
Who sang Riverdance for Ireland? Riverdance was not an entry. It was the interval act in 1994 when Ireland Hosted the contest. 03 May James Harley UK
What is the official Eurovision webpage? and

Do not forget to come back to this site!

01 May John Hewitt UK
Who won the first Eurovision for Switzerland? Lys Assia 26 Apr Peter Munroe UK
Why aren't Italy interested in Eurovision anymore? And do they still show it over there? They are not interested. 25 Apr James Harley UK
When did Jahee Campbell-Brennan enter for the UK? As far as I know, he didn't 23 Apr Ken Arthurs UK
Which individual has entered Eurovision the most times? This question has been asked before, but this list has an update.

Elisabeth Andreassen (82, 85, 94, 96)
Fud Leclerc (Belgium - 56, 58, 60, 62)
Cheryl Baker Co-co and Bucks Fizz) (UK - 78, 81)
Cliff Richard (UK - 68, 73)
Corry Brokken (Netherlands - 56, 57, 58)
Domenico Modugno (Italy - 58, 59, 66)
Fud Leclercq (Belgium - 56, 58, 60, 62)
Hot Eyes (Denmark - 84, 85, 88)
Ireen Sheer (Luxembourg-74,85,Germany-78)
Jahn Teigen (Norway - 78, 80, 82)
Johnny Logan (Ireland - 80, 87)
Katja Ebstein (Germany - 70, 71, 80)
Kirsti Sparboe (Norway - 65, 67, 69)
Lys Assia (Switzerland - 56, 57, 58)
Peter, Sue, Marc (Switzerland - 71,76,79,81)
Romuald (Monaco - 64,74, Luxembourg - 69)
Ronnie Carroll (UK - 62, 63)
Udo Jürgens (Austria - 64, 65, 66)
Wind (Germany - 85, 87, 92)
Tommy Seebach (Denmark - 79, 81, 93)

Some backing singers may have participated several times

17 Apr John Hewitt UK
Who gave ABBA 12 points in 1974? Also is it true UK gave ABBA 0 points? No one gave ABBA 12 points in 1974. Remember that the 1974 contest used the old scoring system where the maximum points were 10 points divided over one or more countries. Only Switzerland and Finland gave Sweden maximum points. UK, Greece, Monaco, Belgium and Italy gave nothing.

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question.)

09 Apr Jamie Harrows UK
Who gave Sweden their points in 1974? 11 countries did, 5 did not. If you want the full list, please download the voting spreadsheet on the home page. 08 Apr Ken Leonard UK
Who formed the 10 members of the UK jury in 1974. Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 05 Apr Charlie Faux UK
Is it true that the contest is also shown in Australia and America? And that last year the contest had to be re-shown in Australia after complaints that they didn't have Terry Wogan's UK commentary on the original broadcast? In 2001, the Australian broadcaster SBS ("Special Broadcasting Service") replaced Terry Wogan's commentary with an in-studio panel. This provoked over 2000 complaints (a record for SBS!) and SBS was forced to rebroadcast the show with Wogan's commentary. In 2002, SBS took Wogan's commentary. Last year, and this year, SBS sent their own commentator, Des Mangan, to Eurovision, again replacing Wogan. This is still not going down very well, although it is much better than the fiasco of 2001, and there is a minority of viewers who prefer Mangan to Wogan. In 2003, SBS automatically schedule a replay of Eurovision with Wogan's commentary a week or two later, but not 100% sure about this.

This years contest is being shown Friday Night and Sunday Night (just delayed a few hours delay). In 2003, Terry Wogan was broadcast a month later after the actual event

(Thanks for Martin Bush and Michael Joost from Australia with the answer to this question.)

01 Apr Richard Steven Clarke UK
What positions do countries have to finish in the 2004 Eurovision, to be entered for the 2005 Eurovision I am assuming that it is the winner, the big 4 and the next 9 countries which qualify. All this could change. 29 Mar Kenneth Kenny UK
Has Bosnia ever won the Eurovision? Pre 1991,No, the Yugoslav victory of 1989 was a Croatian entry. Post 1991, No

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question.)

27 Mar Meho Bosnia
Name the duo who hosted Ireland's most recent Eurovision in the year 1997 Ronan Keating and Carrie Crowley. 21 Mar E. Dee Ireland
Can People on the Internet vote on the Main Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest? And If not is there Ideas put forward to do so with the ESC council? This is not possible as the voting is only 5 minutes. Also this will allow possible votes to come from other countries which are not allowed. Texting is a possibility. 19 Mar Daniel Wright UK
What are all the main languages in all of the United Kingdom In terms of the Eurovision, it is English. Welsh is a possibility but who can understand them? 18 Mar Robert Nance USA
Huge argument in the pub! did 99 red balloons by Nina ever enter or win the Eurovision? if so what year? Never in the final. 10 Mar Alison Whelan UK
What countries gain an automatic ticket into the Eurovision song contest? UK, France, Spain, Germany, Winner of previous contest and top 9. 07 Mar gemma wood UK
Where can I watch past Eurovision song contests on the internet? You can't 06 Mar Dale Buttigieg Gibraltar
Why was the UK not relegated from this years contest. The UK is classed as one of the big 4 countries, which includes the UK, France, Spain and Germany. These 4 countries contribute the most money to Eurovision, therefore gives automatic qualification to the final as it is only fair. 06 Mar Brian Twomey Ireland
I've heard that Lasgo entered The Belgian Eurosong in 1999. Is this true? if so what was their song called? what language was it sung in and where did they come behind Vanessa Chinitor? Are Lasgo Belgians? In the May 2002 issue of FHM (UK edition), Evi revealed that at least she entered "A Song for Belgium" in 1999. However, it didn't even
make the Semi-finals, so I don't have any details on the song. And, yes, Lasgo are from Belgium.

(Thanks for Jessica Nathalie Carter from the UK with the answer to this question.).

The female singer of Lasgo particapated in the national final in 1999 under the name of Medusa. She had a wild-card for the finale but came last with her song 'Come into my life'. Lasgo's strongest song is without a doubt 'Something'.

(Thanks for Crunch from Belgium with the answer to this question.).

04 Mar Wez Brookes UK
Have any Eurovision songs been cover versions of popular songs? Remember that songs previously released before are not permitted to enter the Eurovision Song Contest. However songs from Eurovision could be released like "Flying on the wings of Love". 03 Mar Richard Steven Clarke UK
Will tatu represent Russia in Eurovision 2004 The answer is no. Who want them back in Eurovision after what happened last year (rehearsals) 02 Mar Lisa Thomas UK
What venues have Ireland used to host Eurovision? Gaiety Theatre, Royal Dublin Society, Green Glens Arena, The Point Theatre 29 Feb Pat McGroin Ireland
Who wrote Hold on to Our Love, the entry for 2004 sung By James Fox? Gary Miller & Tim Woodcock
(Thanks for Ken McCleud from the UK with the answer to this question.).
29 Feb Liz Case UK
Corinna May was disqualified in 1999 as the song she performed for the German Final, 'Hore Den Kindern Einfach Zu' had previously been recorded by another artist in English. Who originally recorded it, and what was the English title? The song was originally called "Where Have All The Good Times Gone", performed by Number Nine

(Thanks for Klaus Berg from Germany with the answer to this question.).

28 Feb Kevin Dodds UK
I really liked one of the Icelandic entries a few years back but I can't remember the year of the contest she was in or the performer. All I know is the song was called "All Out Of Luck" I hope you can help! Selma Björnsdóttir in 1999. Came second. 27 Feb Chris Ruff UK
Has Ireland or any other country won the contest and then the following year decided not to host it for any reason? Since 1958, the winner of the previous year usually hosts the contest. Still, there were some exceptions: 1960 (UK instead of Netherlands), 1963 (UK instead of France), 1972 (UK instead of Monaco), 1974 (UK instead uf Luxembourg), and 1980 (Netherlands instead of Israel which even did not participate that year). 

(Thanks for Klaus Berg from Germany with the answer to this question.).

21 Feb Ardal O'Reilly Ireland
I`ve been trying to find out where the duo of Dave and Gary originated from and whether they only sang the one song or if they ended up doing any albums or not. Why I ask is we seem to only ever hear the one song played over and over and it`s a beautiful song.   Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone from The Netherlands help? 21 Feb Paul Stolp Australia
I'm am searching for the name and artist of a track, which I'm sure was an English entry in Eurovision. I only know a few words, i was wondering if u could name the song for me? it goes "In the morning, when the sunshine's, i want your body, and no were really making love?? any clues?? Love City Groove by Love City Groove for UK in 1995. 19 Feb Stephen Golding UK
When the UK are looking for their Eurovision singers, have they just used 'Song for Europe' or has another method been used? I know 'Making your mind up' starts for the 2004 contest. It is Making Your Mind Up on 28 February on BBC1 and BBC3 15 Feb Kenneth McKenna UK
Is it true that Austria's 1976 entry, Waterloo and Robinson entering the 2004 contest. Austria has yet to chosen their song, but yes, they are in the Austria Final. 13 Feb Ken Leonard UK
Is the Eurovision song contest politically based? What do you think? 11 Feb Sam Simpson UK
Kosovo applied for the Eurovision this year, why it isn't on the list? Kosovo is politically considered part of Serbia & Montenegro, so it will not enter as a separate country.

(Thanks for Lewis from the UK with the answer to this question.).

11 Feb Driton Republic of Kosovo
What Welsh singer reached the finals of Pop Idol 2001 and represented Britain in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest? I thought everyone knows this. Jessica Garlick. 08 Feb Lowri Chapman UK
Where and when is the junior Eurovision contest taking place? The next one is on 20 November 2004 in Manchester. Venue unknown 07 Feb luke collins Ireland
Which country won the first Eurovision contest? Switzerland. Please check this site before submitting questions where some of the answers can be found 07 Feb Oliver clarke UK
When France withdrew in 1974 because of the death of the President, there was an entry that could have beat Abba. What was it? The song was called "La Vie À 25 Ans" ("La vie a vingt cinq ans) by Dani.

(Thanks for Jessica Nathalie Carter from the UK and Daniel from Israel with the answer to this question.).

03 Feb Geoff Mosky UK
In 1975, why did Greece withdraw from the Eurovision song contest? Two different answers from two different people

It is because of Greece not being able to afford it. They had only been in it one year before and had over spent hyping the contest up.
(Thanks for Kenneth McKenna from the UK with the update answer to this question).

Greece withdrew from 1975 contest, because of Turkey first appearance. (there was a tension between the countries, after the Turkish invasion to Cyprus in 1974)
(Thanks for Daniel from Israel with the update answer to this question).

01 Feb Ejder Sevgen Raif UK
What is the biggest selling Eurovision song ever worldwide and how many copies did it sell? Beg, Steal or Borrow by the New Seekers. Came second in 1972 for the UK.
The most successful UK Eurovision song not to win and reach number one in the UK charts is Gina G, with "Oh Ah Just a Little Bit" in 1996.
01 Feb Richard Steven Clarke UK
Are Ireland entering the junior eurosong in 2004? At the moment, yes. 21 Jan Kenny McCleud Ireland
Eurovision gave rise to the Riverdance phenomenon when it appeared as an interlude one year. Dublin hosted the Eurovision in 1981. Did they have a similar musical interlude? Was this "All Things Bright and Beautiful" sung by, amongst others, Dana and a school choir Looked back the 1981 contest and the interval act was Time Dance. 18 Jan Andrew Salmond UK
Who wrote the music & Lyrics to Boom Bang a Bang. Composer was Alan Moorhouse, Lyrics by Peter Warne 15 Jan Les Cox UK
Bjorn Skifs sang Hooked on a feeling i think in the 70's. Now did he write that song, Is it a swedish song? And what was the name of his group? Björn Skifs released "Hooked on a Feeling" in the USA under the name Blue Swede. "Hooked on a Feeling" was originally written by Mark James for B.J. Thomas, who recorded it in 1969 without the "ooga ooga ooga chaka"-tha twas added in 1971 by Jonathan King, and kept by Blue Swede and mostrecently David Hasselhoff.

(Thanks for Scott Walker from USA with the update answer to this question).

However he did enter the ESC in 1978 with "Det blir alltid värre framåt natten" ("It always getting worse at night)that had both English and Swedish lyrics. Björn Skifs had a black-out since he was planning a "coup dé etat" in the final and sing the English lyrics against the rules at the time, but bailed out in the last moment, hence forgot the first lines of the song and faked it through half of the first verse, in nonsense-language. He placed 14th with 26 points.
(Thanks for Kalle Vestergaard from Denmark with the update answer to this question).

13 Jan helena ludwig USA
Can you sing an English song in the Junior Eurovision? The rules states that for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, all songs must be sung in their native language. The only countries allow to sing in English are United Kingdom, Malta and Ireland. 11 Jan Fatma Betul Australia
If my parents are Turkish and I have a Turkish citizenship, does that mean I can enter Junior Eurovision? Possibly yes. In 2003, Malta's entry, Sarah Harrison, lived in London, UK and sung for Malta. 11 Jan Fatma Betul Australia
Can anyone tell me when Radio 2 will be playing the 8 finalists for Song For Europe 2004? February or March 2004 27 Dec Gary Collett UK

2003 Second Half, Questions and Answers

Question Answer Date From
Can anyone tell me when Radio 2 will be playing the 8 finalists for Song For Europe 2004? February or March 2004 27 Dec Gary Collett UK
Can Transylvania enter Eurosong? It is a region in Romania but used to be a separate country. The Cheeky girls are called Transylvanians and not Romanians. Have to complete in Romania. You can also argue that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should split up and not have the United Kingdom. 16 Dec Paddy O'Hara Ireland
Who was the last UK entry to win the Eurovision song contest in what year? Was it Bucks Fizz? Too far. 1997, Katrina and the Waves 08 Dec Katrina Logie UK
Do you think countries like England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland separate from the UK? No. How would you split the programme up. Have 4 commentators instead of 1 Terry Wogan. Also there will be too many countries entering. 04 Dec Pat McGroin UK
Did peters & lee enter the Eurovision contest for UK and where did they come No, unless they are in Song for Europe or part of a group 29 Nov Carol Adams UK
I'm from turkey and there aren't any auditions for turkey in junior Eurovision. how come? and why did turkey enter in Eurovision 2003 and not junior Eurovision 2003 and can u sing an English song in the junior Eurovision? Only 20 countries are allowed to enter the Junior Eurovision. It also means that a country may enter the adult contest and not enter the junior contest. 29 Nov Kylie Uzuntas Turkey
In this years Junior Eurovision song contest what was the name of the blonde guitarist from the Netherlands The Person who sang it was Roel Felius. Not too sure of the Guitarist.

(Thanks for Michael Joost from Australia with the answer to this question.)

24 Nov Casey UK
Who sang 'My Lovely Horse' for the Republic of Ireland in 1998 and scored null point? This actually wasn't an entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in the true way. An episode of the TV comedy "Father Ted" featured Ted and Dougal representing Ireland in the ESC and scoring nil point.

(Thanks for Jessica Nathalie Carter from the UK with the answer to this question. There were many other people who sent in their answers to this question, too many to list, but Jessica was the first one)

16 Nov Liam Mullins UK
Please can you tell me if "Please Don't Cry" by Uzlot, the runner up in the Junior ESC songs is to be released as a single? It is normally unlikely that the single is to be released as it finished runner up in the UK contest, but could happen 08 Nov Kenneth Hastings UK
Many Eurovision songs have been heard in other languages, in different countries and different versions from the original. Is "Greece, land of light" (Eurovision 1993-Greece) among them? Two different answers from two different people.

Yes, In Greek and English
(Thanks for Kenneth McKenna from the UK the update answer to this question).

There is no other language version of "Ellada hora tou fotos".
(Thanks for Klaus Berg from Germany with the answer to this question).

08 Nov Giannis Argiriou Greece
Who wrote the Bucks Fizz entry Making your mind up Think it is Andy Hill and John Danter 05 Nov Bevan Harman UK
There was a song that received an honourable mention or perhaps second or third place, I believe entered by Sweden or Norway in 93, 94, 95, or 96 that had lyrics that sounded like "det vakreste"  Who was the artist, and the name of the song? It is 1995 Sweden Se pa mig Jan Jophanson
(Thanks for Kenneth McKenna from the UK with the update answer to this question).

Either you mean "Det vackraste jag ved" by Gladys del Pilar from the Swedish final 1994, or "Det vackraste" by Cecilia Vennersten from the Swedish final 1995.
(Thanks for Klaus Berg from Germany with the answer to this question).

02 Nov Jen Simpson USA
Is there an organisation that sorts out all the details of the UK entry - who/what song/musicians/dancers etc etc, and who pays for it? The British Academy. 01 Oct Ashley House UK
Has any country been the last performer in one year and the first performer the next year? If not, who's come the closest? Yugoslavia did so in 1968 and 1969.

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question.)

31 Oct Jessica Nathalie Carter UK
Was 99 red balloons by nena a Eurovision entry for Germany No 30 Oct philip clayton UK
What does the winner win, except a nice trophy? A trophy and to present the following years Eurovision 21 Oct Dan Etler Switzerland
Have any Irishman/woman sung for another country in Eurovision? Does that include Northern Ireland? Ronnie Carroll (62,63), Clodagh Rodgers (71) both for the UK

Secret Garden's (the Norwegian act in 1995) lead singer, Fionnuala Sheery, is from Ireland, as was Erica Jennings, from Skamp, the Lithuanian act in 2001.

Geraldine - wife of Phil Coulter (composer of "Puppet On A String" and "Congratulations") She sang another of her husbands songs for Luxembourg in 1975 entitled "Toi".

(Thanks for Jessica Nathalie Carter from the UK and James Grogan of Ireland with the update answer to this question).

20 Oct Anders Milosevic Serbia and Montenegro
Did brotherhood of man ever win the Eurovision song contest? Yes, 1976 01 Oct Kathy UK
Which country hosted the very first Eurovision Song Contest? Switzerland, and won by Switzerland 01 Oct Vicki Herron UK
Has the UK ever sung in any other language than English? No 28 Sep Lewis UK
I am aware that when countries are unable to use televoting for whatever reason the jury scores are used. How do the juries actually work? Juries give their marks from 1 to 8 then 10 and 12. Same as televoting, but discussed in a small group. Lionel Blair did the 2003 UK jury.

I think this is what she means: each country has a jury of eight people, four of each gender, and four over and four under 30 years of age. Each jury member gives each song between 1-10 points, except its own (obviously). The points are then totted together, and the points given out that way. If a tie occurs between two songs, they vote on a show of hands, and then the vote of the youngest jury member if necessary.

(Thanks for Jessica Nathalie Carter from the UK with the 2nd answer to this question)

18 Sep Abi Buckingham UK
Which year did Baby Doll enter the ESC and where is she now? 1991. No idea where she is now. A Lily savage look-alike! 09 Sep Louis Mile Australia
Is Kosovo going to take part in ESC 2004? I think Kosovo comes under Serbia & Montenegro 27 Aug Driton Ismaili Kosovo
Hi i'm from Australia, and I really wanna enter for Cyprus in 2004 as I will be living in Cyprus in a few months. Can you please tell me how i can enter? Where can I apply to qualify for Cyprus in 2004? Same type of questions a few down. If the rules is the same as the UK where you must be a nationality of that country. 12 Aug Yiota Aristedes Australia
Here is an example. If Ireland were in the semis for Eurovision and went through, would they sing the same song in the finals? Good question. I say the same song. Anyone know? 09 Aug Liam O'Conner Ireland
I know it's probably too early, but is it known (roughly, if necessary) when the rules for the Junior 2003 and "Adult" 2004 will be released? Rules released for Adults around December. Kids, I haven't seen any. 08 Aug Abi Buckingham UK
Can I please have details on the song which went ooh ahh just a little bit ooh ahh just a little bit more Gina G, Just a little bit. UK, 1996. I met her and got her autograph at the Eurovision Party 2003. See my report somewhere on this site! 05 Aug James Harley UK
Has anyone from either Scotland or Northern Ireland represented the UK in Eurovision? Irish (Northern Ireland) : Ronnie Carroll (62,63), ClodaghRikki
RikkiRikkiRikkiRikki Peebles (87)
India : Cliff Richard (69,73)
Welsh : Mary Hopkins (70), Jessica Jarlick (02)
Australian : Olivia Newton John (74), Gina G (96)
American : Katrina (97)
Maltese : Ray Caruana (89)

(Thanks for Thomas Latham from the UK with the answer to this question)

04 Aug Jessica Nathalie Carter UK
Can having Irish Grandparents make me eligible to enter competition for Ireland? If the rules is the same as the UK where you must be a nationality of that country, the answer is no. 01 Aug Paton Charles Ireland
I'm15 years old and enjoy singing very much and wondered how to take part in Eurovision song contest this year 2004. is there a number i can ring or address i can write to or even audition. Watch out for news on Children's TV. The address was announced on ITV1's SMTV programme. 01 Aug kelly UK
There was talking that Serbia-Montenegro, Albania, Belrus, Andorra. will contest on ESC 2004, but at your "ESC2004 contestants table", there aren't any of these countries!
Will they go to the semi-finals of 2004?, or better said, will they contest at all?!
Read the page again. It said, "New to Eurovision" and will enter 2004 Semi Finals. 27 Jul Slavisa Mijatovi Bosnia and Herzegovina
Was there a kids Eurovision song contest in 2002 No, but somewhere there was but not official 26 Jul Connor clement UK
Apparently Ulrika Johnson made a nasty comment during the 1998 voting. What was it? She did indeed: she said to the person announcing the Dutch voting that she took part in the Contest, "A long time ago." And I should know - I was there.

(Thanks for Jessica Nathalie Carter from the UK and Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

But it isn't entirely true. She did say "You participated in ESC a long time ago" to a spokeswoman, but it was not the Dutch but the French. The French spokeswoman was Marie Myriam who won the ESC in 1977 with "L'oiseau et l'enfant" Marie felt very offended by that remark.

(Thanks for Kalle Vestergaard from Denmark with an additional answer to this question)

19 Jul Lewis UK
What ever happened to Luxembourg & Italy? Luxembourg is no longer members of the EBU
Italy are no longer interested.
18 Jul Gareth Creighton UK
Are Ireland entering Eurovision kids? At the moment, No. 18 Jul Paddy O'Harlon Ireland
Can Vatican city enter? Vatican city is Vatican State then yes. 18 Jul John Hewitt UK
In 2002, all five of the top five were female. Is there any other year when the entire Top Five were of the same type of act (Male soloists etc)? Will take time to calculate 14 Jul Jessica Nathalie Carter UK
What are the names of the Israeli dancers in ESC 2003??? Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 14 Jul Manuel Magalhaes Portugal
How many times did Cliff Richard appear on Eurovision?
Did anyone appear twice?
Twice, 1968, 1973.

These people appeared 3 times!
Corry Brokken (Netherlands - 56, 57, 58)
Domenico Modugno (Italy - 58, 59, 66)
Fud Leclercq (Belgium - 56, 58, 60, 62)
Hot Eyes (Denmark - 84, 85, 88)
Ireen Sheer (Luxembourg-74,85,Germany-78)
Jahn Teigen (Norway - 78, 80, 82)
Katja Ebstein (Germany - 70, 71, 80)
Kirsti Sparboe (Norway - 65, 67, 69)
Lys Assia (Switzerland - 56, 57, 58)
Peter, Sue, Marc (Switzerland - 71,76,79,81)
Romuald (Monaco - 64,74, Luxembourg - 69)
Udo Jürgens (Austria - 64, 65, 66)
Wind (Germany - 85, 87, 92)
Tommy Seebach (Denmark - 79, 81, 93)

01 Jul Jane Exon UK
How many times has the UK won the Eurovision contest? 5 Times. 01 Jul Daniel Neverlis UK

2003 First Half, Questions and Answers

Question Answer Date From
Which male singer represented the UK without wearing trousers? and why? It was Kenneth McKellar in 1966.  Being Scottish, he wore a kilt.

(Thanks for Larry Hart and Thomas Latham from the UK with the answer to this question)

30 Jun Darren UK
According to ITV teletext (25 May 2003), how many viewers worldwide were estimated to have watched the ESC? Loads of Hundreds of Millions. Anyone with a better figure? 24 Jun Alaina Gibson UK
In which year did Terry Wogan first commentate on the ESC? Don't know could be over 25 years. 24 Jun Alaina Gibson UK
Vicky Leandros won for Luxembourg in 1972, but where is she originally from? Born as Vassiliki Papathanassiou on the Greek island Corfu 24 Jun Alaina Gibson UK
What is the highest position obtained by a Slovakia song. Go to the Slovakia Page 18 Jun Jakarta Pani Slovakia
How can Slovakia enter next year's contest since they haven't entered in 1998 New rules. Any EBU country can enter but must be in the semis 18 Jun Jakarta Pani Slovakia
Who did Slovakia receive the 12 points from in 1994. Malta gave Slovakia 12 points 18 Jun Jakarta Pani Slovakia
As well as this i would also like to know how on earth Latvia qualified forward to 2002 when they came behind Netherlands, Portugal etc. when they were disqualified. Portugal refused to participate in 2002 (lack of interest I believe) and the Netherlands was not able to participate, because they were placed lower then Latvia. Both had 16 points, but Latvia got two times 8 points (from Estonia and Lithuania...), so they were placed above the Netherlands who didn't get any 8 (neither 10 or 12) points.

(Thanks for Arthur Vab Veek from the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

18 Jun Jakarta Pani Slovakia
Why can't Finland, Switzerland, Lithuania, Denmark and Macedonia automatically qualify for 2004. Then there will be no room for more countries from the semi finals. Also the reason for not entering in 2003 was due to a low score in 2002. 18 Jun Jakarta Pani Slovakia
What was the name of the girl who opened 1998 with a good, strong power ballad. Also the country, lyricist & composer. "Neka mi ne svane" sung by "Danijela" for Croatia
Composer : Petar Grallo, Remi Kasinoti
Lyricist : Petar Grallo, Remi Kasinoti
Came 5th.
18 Jun Jakarta Pani Slovakia
Is it true that the Bosnian song "Ne brini"(Could It Be) was almost exchanged for the second song from the Bosnian Nat. Finals(the song si "Taxi" from Deen)?
They sad that it is an copy of "Sex bomb"!
No, it's not true. As usual there are often many rumours concerning accusations of plagiarism but most of them are just rumours. As""Ne brini" certainly isn't anywhere near a copy of "Sex bomb" I'm sure this was another one.

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question.)

17 Jun Slavisa Mijatovic Bosnia & Herzegovina
Apart from this year what is the lowest position the UK has ever achieved in the ESC and in which year? 2000. "Nikki French" sang "Don't Play That Song Again" Score 28 points came 16th place out of 24 16 Jun Alaina Gibson UK
In which country is the song selection known as the Dora? Croatia

But the Dora is also the very well-known Croatian semi-final. Don't know about Slovakia
(Thanks for Jesper Bexkens from the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

16 Jun Alaina Gibson UK
Which countries apart from the UK are exempt from relegation? Germany, France, Spain 16 Jun Alaina Gibson UK
How long has the Eurovision been around for? Does the 48th Eurovision Song Contest in Latvia in 2003 give it away? 1956 was the first. 12 Jun David UK
Does any one know why Ireland didn't take part in ESC in 1983? The reason usually mentioned is that RTÉ couldn't afford it financially that year, but it'll always remain speculation I think.

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question.)

12 Jun Bazza Kennedy Ireland
Since 1998, most countries have used televoting. However, I am aware that several countries haven't used it (e.g. the Netherlands in 2000 and the two I mentioned re 2003). Which countries are these? Russia, Turkey and Romania didn't use televoting for technical reasons until 2002 or 2003. In 2004 however they were forced to have a smaller televoting in favour of a jury. Bosnia and Hungary didn't have a televote for some years either. In Ireland there were technical problems in both 1999 and 2003 so the televote couldn't be used, and in 2000 there was a big disaster going on in the Netherlands, so it was decided not to show ESC (in favour of news bulletins) and thus there couldn't be a televote. In 2001 and 2002 countries were allowed to have a 50-50 televote-jury and e.g. Malta, Portugal and some of the ex-Yugoslav countries chose to use this system instead.

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question.)

12 Jun Jessica Nathalie Carter UK
Did Samantha Fox ever enter Eurovision/Song For Europe? I'm sure she did but can't remember when or the title of the song. She was in a band called "Sox" along with Cris Bonnachi and Laurraine MacIntosh in 1995. The Song was called "Go For The Heart" and came 4th in the Song for Europe contest. 11 Jun Kevin Dodds UK
I wanna know about Sertab erener's dancers names at the Eurovision song contest? Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 09 Jun Ercan Turkey
What happened to Mekado? They had an entry with "We geben ne Party" What are they doing now? Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 09 Jun Katy Browne UK
Iam thinking why Faroe Islands cant be in the semi final 2003? They are not members of the EBU or must enter the Denmark contest 08 Jun Jakup Eid Faroe Islands
Croatia entered in either 93 or 94 with a song containing the lyrics don't ever cry my Croatian sky. Please can you tell me the full title of the song and the artist and its place  thanks 1993, "Don't ever Cry" by "Put" 08 Jun Stephen mc dowell UK
When did Germany win the Eurovision and who sang it and what was the title Answer can be found on the Germany Page 08 Jun Kerry Mayo UK
Is it true that Sertab Erner /Turkey/ might lose the 2003 1'st place because the song is not original ? In this case Urban Trad can get the 1'st place and Eurovision 2004 will be in Belgium ? This was never true. Song was original. It was said to sung like another Turkish song by Tarkan (covered by Holly valance) but as the same man arranged both songs, it is highly unlikely you get banned for copying yourself!
(Thanks for George Best from the UK with the answer to this question)
06 Jun Daday Hunor Romania
Please can you tell me why Slovakia's 1996 title was called 'Till you have us' can you tell me the Slovakian 4 this The Slovakian for the song is "Kým Nás Máš".

(Thanks for Jessica Nathalie Carter from the UK with the answer to this question)

06 Jun Jakarta Pani Slovakia
Is Esther Hart who competed for Netherlands in this years contest the same Esther Hart who got to the final of the UK National finals? Yes. The same person. She could have got the UK more points! 02 Jun Matt Fiford UK
Please could you let me know the UK cost to register a televote. I watched the contest in a hotel in Edinburgh and the charge was £4 (€6)! The televoting cost 10 pence (€0.15). That hotel overcharged you £3.90. (€5.85) They must make a profit from somewhere. 02 Jun Jenny Williams UK
Why isn't there a rule that would allow automatic qualification for the country in which the contest is held? It's a bit unfair with Latvia having to do the semi finals next year. I have no idea. This would be very unfair that a country could qualify for row regarding of score when they win a contest. This 2 years in a excludes the big 4 rule, UK, France, Spain, Germany. 01 Jun Janis Libeks Latvia
Please tell me about the new rules of the ESC. I think I understand the idea of the main show, but what about the semi finals. How will the voting be held? Go to the 2003 page at the bottom for some details about the semis and finals. These details are being updated when I have details. 01 Jun Janis Libeks Latvia
Who commentated for Ireland in 2003? I don't know. It was Marty Wheelan.

(Thanks for Fintan O'Mahony from Australia with the answer to this question)

01 Jun Michael Edmond
Adam Doherty
What was the title of the song that Clodagh Rogers sang for the UK about 1970 and also what year was it exactly Jack in the box in 1971. Click here to see the UK Entries. 01 Jun James Rhind UK
In 2003 I heard that Ireland decided before the contest to use a Jury as there would not be enough time to compile the Televotes - but had a Televote anyway to earn cash from the phone calls.  Is this true? As far as I am aware that all countries used televoting except Russia. Each country do have a back up jury just in case something goes wrong with the televoting.

As far as I know, only Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Russian Federation DIDN'T use televoting.

(Thanks for Jessica Nathalie Carter from the UK with the answer to this question)

Ireland could, but I heard they KNEW they wouldn't have the results in time so they decided ahead of time to use the back-up Jury results.  The sneaky thing was they pretended the televoting counted and made money dishonestly, or so I heard.

(Thanks for Fintan O'Mahony from Australia with the answer to this question. Fintan asked this question and came back with an answer)

31 May Fintan O'Mahony Australia
How can a Hungarian enter to ESC?-There're no semi finals... They can enter the semi's. Remember there will be 2 Eurovision Song Contest in 2004, a semi and a final. 30 May Laura Tóth Hungary
Can you sing/write a song for a different European country if you wish? Depends on the countries entries 30 May John Hewitt UK
Ok I know its the Eurovision but, I swear that America/USA have entered b4, IS this true? Do you mean Katrina from 1997, an American, singing for the UK, which is allowed. America as a country cannot enter the Eurovision. 26 May David Willis UK
Which countries successfully completed televoting and used the results to award 100% of their votes in the 2003 competition. Nearly all of them. 26 May Ian Wilson UK
Who, apart from Terry Wogan, has hosted the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK? Ulrika Jonsson with Terry in 1998 (Birmingham), Jan Leeming (former BBC newscaster) in 1982 (Harrogate), Angela Rippon in 1977 (Wembley) and Katie Boyle (former agony aunt of the TVTimes TV guide) on four occasions, 1960, 1968, 1970 and 1974 (I think all in London (1974 in Brighton), but not 100% certain of the years for Katie).

(Thanks for Hans-Juergen Carter and Mark Wiles from the UK with part answers to this question)

26 May Helen Townsend UK
How do I go about buying tickets for 2004 Eurovision, I know it is early but where & how much do they normally cost? Come on. The last contest has just finished. Ticket may be available from December 2003. Do not mention ticket prices. They are expensive and normally over £100 each. 25 May Robert UK
Can anyone remember the title of the song that was performed by Morten Harket at the start of the 1996 Norway held ESC? If so, does it appear on any of his albums? "Heaven is not for saint" and it was internationally released on a single after the contest.

(Thanks for Ronny G Berg from Norway with the answer to this question. Also Ronny has kindly send his website for those of you who want mp3)

25 May Dan Green UK
Who sang a song late 70,s\80,s called diggy lou diggy lay, there were 3 boys i think they wore silver\gold short boots.Not sure from denmark\sweden? Sweden, 1984, Diggi-loo diggi-ley by Herrey's and won. 25 May Robert Scotland
What is the name of the TV presenter who gave the results of this years votes from Slovenia? Peter Poles - Is a television presenter on RTV Slovenia, the same channel giving the Eurovision televotes of course

(Thanks for Daniel from Australia with the answer to this question)

25 May Brian & Katie



How many times has England won? Never. England alone cannot enter the contest. It is part of the United Kingdom and the UK won 5 times in the past. This is the most common question I get. 25 May Simon Walker UK
Has there been any discussion of doing something like the Eurovision Song Contest but on a worldwide basis? There have been discussion in a World Song Contest but never went beyond the planning stage. 25 May Alex Sarmiento USA
Who composed the theme for the 'Eurovision' programmes which is played before each song contest It is called Te Deum by Marc-Antoine Charpentier 23 May Neil Buchanan UK
What will happen if in some country the televoting falls? Will they repeat the voting or what? There is always a back up jury for every country. They will also cast their votes alongside with the televote. If the televote goes wrong with some reason, they will go along with the jury score. 23 May Jessica Nathalie Carter UK
Would you please tell me who sung the song "Go" Scott Fitzgerald. 21 May Julia Pearson UK
How will the 2004 competition be different from all previous competitions? 2 Eurovisions, one Semi and one final 21 May Stuart Roderick UK
Will Serbia and Montenegro enter in Eurovision song 2004? At the moment, there is a good chance. 21 May Paul Serbia and Montenegro
Must all entries be sang in English? No. It can be in any language 19 May Kristen Gregorovich Russia
Will this year's final be broadcast live on the internet? Where? Yes, at the official site, 18 May Georges Canada
What date was the Eurovision song contest televised on BBC 10 years ago The final contest was broadcast on 13 May 1993. See here 17 May Sam Shelley UK
How does the voting work for the Eurovision Song Contest? Each country gives a vote of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,12 points. They cannot votes for their own country. Each country may consist of televoting or juries. Their best/highest scoring song gets 12 points and all the way down to 1 point. The highest score wins. 16 May Emma Hulme UK
Did Nana Mouskoury ever enter the contest? If so, when? Spelt Nana Mouskouri, yes, 1963 for Luxembourg 14 May Jill UK
Why Bulgaria never participates in Eurovision
Song Contest? Many other former Eastern European countries do - since 1989 as far as I know.
They can if they want to. 12 May Velina Bulgaria
How many times has Latvia won the Eurovision and what was the song that won it for Latvia the first time? 1, in 2002. 05 May Pippa Holly Rose Whytt UK
Where can I find the list of all ESC winners and the represent and their songs? Here on this site, click here 04 May Slavisa Mijatovic Bosnia and Herzegovina
How can it be that in 1969. 4 countries have won?! The same was in 2002, when Estonia & UK had same points, but Estonia got the 3rd place.
Why didn't they do the same?
Rule Change. There were no rules in 1969 about ties, hence a 4 way tie. The number of 12 points and the number of 10 points are counted when deciding position, especially in 1990 when Sweden and France had the same number of points, but Sweden had more 12 points. 04 May Slavisa Mijatovic Bosnia and Herzegovina
Do you know anything about the broadcasting of the semi-finals in 2004 and so on??? No idea at present. 02 May Murat Bolat Netherlands
Which years England did not participate in Eurovision 1956,1958 30 Apr Ahmad Shaker Madieh Jordan
Did Danijela Martinovic(singer for Croatia 1998) ever participate more than once within the contest if so what year and what was the song called? Danijela was the singer of the group "Magazin" who competed for Croatia in 1995

(Thanks for Klaus Berg from Germany with the answer to this question)

30 Apr Wez Brookes UK
What was the year that Sonia entered Eurovision for the UK with Better The devil ? 1993 28 Apr GEMMA UK
Firstly-just to qualify a previous question-Gina G (an Australian) represented the UK singing 'Just a Little Bit' in the 1990s. So my question is-do you have to be a citizen of a country to either write the song or perform it? The singer can be any nationality. The Song writer (in certain countries like the UK) can't. 24 Apr Luke Hanson Australia
A girl trio called Sheba had an entry but I don't know what year.  I want to know the name of the song and possibly a few of the lyrics. (Thanks for Klaus Berg from Germany with the answer to this question)

Sheeba came in 5th position singing for Ireland with a song called "Horoscopes". they wore pale blue body stockings with bits of plastic coming out in all directions. they gained 105 points with two top scores (Denmark and Cyprus)a member of sheeba (maxi participated in 1973 also)

She participated in 1995 in a duo with a girl named Lidija Horvat Dunko and the song was "Nostalgija". They came 6th in the contest.

Don't let the planets take control of our lives
Believe in the truth and not celestial lies
It's we, not the stars above, who write our horoscopes

(Thanks for Signe Eliasson of Denmark, Wez Brookes from the UK and Klaus Berg from Germany with the answer to this question)

22 Apr Linda McCullagh Ireland
What was Britain's first winning entry in the Eurovision Song Contest? "Puppet on a string" by "Sandia Shaw" in 1967 07 Apr Debbie Webber UK
Which countries were ordinarily involved in the Eurovision song contest Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Netherlands. Switzerland was host country in 1956 and won. 07 Apr Stephanie Fox UK
Did Tommy Seebach ever enter the Eurovision Song Contest together with Kirsten Siggaard? Maybe at the MelodiFestivalen (the Danish Final) but not on the ESC stage.

(Thanks for Alain Bamps from Belgium with the answer to this question)

If the late Tommy Seebach ever teamed up with Kirsten Siggaard for the Eurovision. Tommy and Kirsten both entered the Danish songcontest 7 times and both represented Denmark in ESC 3 times, but never together! The closest they ever came to work together was when Kirsten recorded Tommys song "Så ka' du godt tro om igen" in 1988 - but that had anything to do with the Eurovision.

(Thanks for Kalle Vestergaard from Denmark with the answer to this question)

Tommy Seebach entered in 1979 and 1993 as a solo artist and in 1981 together with Debbie Cameron. I know a Kirsten Siggaard that was part of the duo Hot Eyes. They took part in 1984, 1985 and 1988.
And Tommy Seebach was never married to Debbie Cameron, with whom he paticipated in 1981. His wife's name was Karen, who was not a singer.

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question and Kalle Vestergaard and Signe Eliasson from Denmark for the correction to Ben)

02 Apr Petrea Madsen Denmark
Are Tatu representing Russia in 2003 contest Yes 02 Apr Katina Crise UK
Since 1970 how many times has UK won the Eurovision song contest? please state: name the years, artists, the song titles 3 Times since 1970.

1976: "Save Your Kisses For Me" by "Brotherhood of Man"
1981: "Making Your Mind Up" by "Bucks Fizz"
1997: "Love Shine A Light" by "Katrina and the Waves"

31 Mar Chante` May UK
I will be in Tokyo for this year's ESC, where can I find TV coverage? There will always be full coverage on the official Eurovision website no matter where in the world you are. No idea for coverage in Japan. 30 Mar Rachel Dickson UK
I read on a question from 05 Dec that an American can not the composer or writer of a song But in the 2000 contest, didn't two American write and compose the Russian entry sung by Alsou. I think they were both from Texas. May be he had lived in Russia for a while. 29 Mar Liam UK
Who will broadcast Eurovision Song Contest 2003 in USA or Canada? There will always be full coverage on the official Eurovision website no matter where in the world you are.

The Eurovision Song contest 2003 will be broadcast it in the USA by TVE International, to watch this channel you need to have Dish Network or Directv. It will be live and dubbed in Spanish because TVE is a channel from Spain that broadcasts to America to the Hispanic population.

(Thanks for Ramon Vern from the United States with the answer to this question)

29 Mar Fred Cantu USA
A friend of mine says an artist in the 1970's performed for Australia. Is this true and if so who? There wasn’t any song representing Australia in the 70s (no more in the 50s, 60s, 80, 90s and so on). But an Australian citizen represented UK in 1974, a little bit before ‘Grease’, she named Olivia Newton-John, sung ‘Long live love’ a gospel style song and took the the 4th place.

(Thanks for Alain Bamps from Belgium with the answer to this question)

His friend may be getting mixed up with an Australian who performed for another country e.g. Olivia Newton-John in 1974 for the UK. As Australia has NEVER entered the ESC

(Thanks for Mike Collins from the UK with the answer to this question)

26 Mar Chris Lee UK
Do you know the name of the theme played before each Eurovision Song Contest? (I think it is also the theme of the European Broadcasting Union). It is called Te Deum by Marc-Antoine Charpentier 25 Mar Chrybo Minty UK
Is it true that if a country wins they must hold the competition the following year? Also I heard that Iceland are unable to hold the Eurovision yet enter every year?? Not really. Estonia in 2002 nearly did not broadcast the contest. I think it will just go to someone else. 24 Mar Sean Mulligan Ireland
I cannot remember the singer´name of that song: "Come closer, come closer and listen.... She was a girl. Thanks Come closer, come closer, and listen
the beat of my heart keeps on missing
I notice it most when we're kissing
Come closer, and love me tonight
That's right
Come closer and cuddle me tight

Boom Bang-a Bang sunged by Lulu (one of the four in 1969).

(Thanks for Alain Bamps from Belgium with the first answer to this question. Also thanks to Kalle Vestergaard and Wez Brookes)

24 Mar Maria Yagues Garcia Spain
How can some countries have their Eurovision song "voted", like Turkey, where were no national finals. They have put an singer to sing at ESC, but the song comes later! How can they do that?! They can. There is nothing in the rules saying you cannot do that. Sonia and Michael Ball for the UK did just that early in the 90s. 20 Mar Slavisa Mijatovic Bosnia
Was there ever a song called Jonny Onion or something like that i think it was about 1975 to 1979?? No 15 Mar angela Ireland
Do you know what happened to Imaani?  Coz she sort of disappeared after Eurovision 1998! Imaani was the lead vocals to the tru faith feat dub conspiracys 2000 hit "freak like me" later a hit for the Sugarbabes.

(Thanks for Wez Brookes from the UKwith the answer to this question)

14 Mar Tom Kelly UK
What will happen if in some country (example Bosnia) the televoting falls? Will they repeat the voting or what? A jury always decided on a result whether there is televoting or not. If something fails, the jury decides. 14 Mar Slavisa Mijatovic Bosnia
In 1981 bucks fizz won the Eurovision song contest what was the artist, song and country of the runner up? "Johnny Blue" by "Lena Valaitis" for Germany 14 Mar Claire Taylor UK
With the introduction of the two day contest with a prelim round on the Friday will this see the end of the automatic qualification to the final of 'the big four'? In 2005 they will be back to the actual procedure

(Thanks for Alain Bamps from Belgium with the answer to this question)

With the announcement of these new rules, EBU confirmed that the Big Four still will be guaranteed a place in the final.

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

12 Mar Matt Dulcamara UK
Who & how old was the youngest ever performer to win the Eurovision song contest The youngest ever winner was Sandra Kim from Belgium aged 13. After the 1986 contest, the minimum age to perform is 16.

In 1989 a boy from Israel, Gili was the youngest at 12 years old. Second youngest is a French entry of that year Nathalie Paque (13 years old) She came out for France bust is a Belgian.

This is a repeat question.

There was a youngest boy in 1969 singing for Monaco. He named Jean-Jacques and sung Maman, Maman and took the 6th place. He was only 11! (1969, isn’t it an indict for the title of the song? Doesn’t it come?)

(Thanks for Alain Bamps from Belgium with the 2nd answer to this question)

The youngest person on stage was certainly the boy that accompanied Hot Eyes in 1985 for Denmark, which must have been 8-9 years old. A backing singer for Cyprus in 1981 (group Island) was 11. In 1985, the Danish duo "Hot Eyes" had a child with them on stage. It was not a boy, but Søren Bundgaard's (The one half of the duo) daughter Lea, who was 9 years old at that time. And about Natalie Paque performing for France in 1989: According to a biography I saw, she is born in 1978, and was 11 years old at the time she participated in the ESC.

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question and corrections from Signe Eliason from Denmark with the corrections)

I think Ben is right, but it was not a boy but a girl!! In fact it was the daughter of the composer of the Danish song 85. The girls name is Lea Bundgaard and she was only 8 years old when she and her Father and Kirsten Siggaard represented Denmark with: "Sku' du spør', fra no'en?"
(Thanks for Kalle Vestergaard from Denmark with the answer to this question)

10 Mar Andy Fretwell UK
I've just read on this site that Australia will never enter the ESC. Could you explain why they won't as they are passive members of the European Broadcasting Union and therefore should be able to enter. Passive members can't enter. Active members can. I think something due to the location eg. Europe or just outside Europe. 06 Mar Jason Ranford UK
Who sang twice in the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK? Cliff Richard, Ronnie Carroll. Sally Ann Triplett sang twice but in different groups, Prima Donna (80) & Bardo (82). Cheryl Baker also sang twice with 2 different groups, Co-Co and Bucks Fizz

(Thanks for Larry Dart from the UK with an additional answer to this question)

One member of Icy with the song Gledibankinn - Bank of Fun (Island's first entry in the ESC 1986 in Bergen, Norway, I don't remember his name) also sang for Norway as part of the group Just 4 Fun in 1991 in Roma, Italia with the song Mrs Thompson.

(No one put their name for this answer so cannot give credit with the additional answer to this question)

02 Mar Bethany Speich UK
How come Belarus is not allowed to enter this year? I was really looking forward to hear it, my far away homeland! Something to do with the EBU rules. They will enter in 2004. 24 Feb Iryna Mikhalkovich USA
Are Beat still singing together? Beat sang in 1990 for Finland 16 Feb Ace Frehmen UK
Who wrote the Eurovision winner "What's another Year" sung by Johnny Logan in 1980 It was written by Healy. 10 Feb Kay Galvin Ireland
Why doesn't Armenia participant at the Eurosong Festival Unless I stand correctly, they are not in the EBU and cannot enter. 08 Feb Armen Minasinian Armenia
Is there an OGAE Albania? I think No. 29 Jan Tefik Memedi Albania
How come some countries support each other for example Greece and Turkey?
and also why do these countries have really bad performances don't they have auditions in their country before they enter an act?
Countries like voting for each other. Political reasons. Please note that in their own language, they think they may win. There are not many Greek or Turkish speaking nations in Europe, compared to English, French, Spanish and German. 29 Jan Sash Andreevski Australia
Is there a max length that a song can be for the contest ? 3 Minutes and not 1 second over 09 Jan Angela Fahy Ireland
Please can you tell me the names of the man and lady who sung for the UK. the year after Bucks Fizz. I believe they named themselves Bardo but i am not 100% sure. Also can you please tell me there song and where it finished in the voting. The group name was Bardo. Their song was "One Step Further" and Finished 7th with a score of 76 08 Jan colin pyke UK
I have head that the Swedish singer Carola (who became 3rd in 1983 and won in 1991) were supposed to enter the Swedish national final in 2003, but that she has been disqualified. Is that true? If so, why? She entered a song written by herself called "Autumn leaf" into the Swedish selection, but she had to withdraw because according to the rules she was supposed to sing the song herself because she did so at the demo-tape. Apparently, she did not know this rule, so she decided not to take part.

(Thanks for Klaus Berg from Germany with the answer to this question)

06 Jan Kalle Vestergaard Denmark
I'm trying to get a hold of a song from Norway, from 1968 onwards. Its a folk song, protesting about the building of a dam in a reindeer preserve, any ideas what its called? it went something like hey-o li-lo li-lo li-lo-li The norwedien song is called "Samííd Ædnan" sunged by Sverre Kjellsberg and Mattis Hætta.  (Only problem; the song is not from 1968, it is from 1980, where it became number 16.) The sung is in both norwedien and samic languages. The song is available right now on a cd called "Grand Prix Greatest Hits" by Universal Music Denmark.

(Thanks for Kalle Vestergaard from Denmark with the answer to this question)

04 Jan Neil Owen UK
At the moment there is a musical in Sweden called "Kikki, Bettan och Lotta" based on the Eurovision song contest. Kikki Danielson, Elisabeth Andreason and Lotta Engberg plays the leading roles. Is it true that they have been in the Eurovision Song Contest many times for both Sweden and Norway as parts of groups such as "BobbySocks" "Chips" and "The BooGaLoos"? Kikki (Danielsson) represented Sweden in 1982 (as part of Chips) & 1985. Bettan (Elisabeth Andreassen) represented Sweden in 1982 (as part of"Chips"), Norway in 1985 (as part of "BobbySocks"), 1994 & 1996. Lotta (Engberg) was a backing singer for The Herreys in the 1984 Eurovision before representing Sweden herself in 1987. 

(Thanks for Susanna Madder from Sweden with the answer to this question)

Denmark also abstained from taking part in the ESC from 1966 to 1978 inclusive (a total of twelve years), saying that the contest wasn't in their best interest and therefore chose not to participate, basically the same reason as to why Italy has chosen not to participate now (as they feel it is a futile exercise, or words to that effect, from what I read in a magazine some time ago)

(Thanks for Hans-Juergen Carter from the UK with the answer to this question)

04 Jan Kalle Vestergaard Denmark
Denmark unfortunately lost this years contest. I don't think that has ever happened before, is that true? Denmark never entered in 1998, 1996 and 1994. There will be a change of the rules for 2004 in which no country will lose out for being in the bottom few. More to follow. 04 Jan Kale Vestergaard Denmark
Can Moldova Republic participate at Eurovision contest? As far as I can work out, Yes. 03 Jan Irina Barbu Moldova Republic

2002 Second Half, Questions and Answers

Question Answer Date From
Does anyone know when the eight final songs will be known and aired on Radio 2 for the United Kingdom Entry?! I miss it every year! 31 January 2003. 28 Dec Gary Collett UK
What was the artist and title of the uk eurosong in 1992, 1993,1994 for the united kingdom? 1992, "One Step Out Of Time" by "Michael Ball"
1993, "Better The Devil You Know" by "Sonia"
1994, "We Will Be Free (Loney Symphony)" by "Frances Ruffelle"

Answer is available on this site

24 Dec Nicola Dickson UK
Could someone, for example American, contest for some country,or anyone else who doesn't live in Europe or isn't born there? Americans can sing on behalf of any country but cannot enter as a composer/writer. eg. Katrina for the UK in 1997.

Every country can decide its own rules if composers need to be citizens of the country itself. The Russian broadcaster does not care, neither does the Ukrainian. This year their song has Israeli composers.

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

They can if the the national broadcaster.admits them.

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

05 Dec Slavisa Mijatovic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Do you know from where in Yugoslavia, is the group Riva, that won in the ESC in 1989? They were from Croatia; their lead singer Emilia takes part of 2003's DORA.

(Thanks for Klaus Berg from Germany with the answer to this question)

05 Dec Slavisa Mijatovic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Do you know something nbout Abba, where they in ESC, when, for which country, which place they were?
1974, Singing "Waterloo" for Sweden won that year.

Answer is available on this site

05 Dec Slavisa Mijatovic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Do you know how much people must be at last in the hall where will be ESC? No Idea. Several Thousand 05 Dec Slavisa Mijatovic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
I understand there was a German entry many years ago from a group called Gengis Khan with a song by the same name. Could you confirm this and what was the year? It was "Dschinghis Khan" in 1979. Came 4th 05 Dec Karl Huff UK
Why some countries have no tele-voting?
I wanted to vote but there was no televoting in Bosnia.
It is up to the broadcasters whether televoting is used. You cannot vote internationally. 29 Nov Slavisa Mijatovic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Do you know how can I for the Eurovision 2003. vote, on which Web page? You cannot vote for the main contest via the web. You can vote on unofficial sites but does not count towards the final vote. 29 Nov Slavisa Mijatovic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Why do the songs on Eurovision must be new?
Why couldn't be an hit made in Europe or something like that?
It will make it very unfair for those countries with hits as they will all be voting for them. It can be a hit after the contest but not before. This has meant a few disqualifications in previous years, mainly in the countries national finals. 29 Nov Slavisa Mijatovic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
How are Bosnia,Turkey,Greece and Austria contesting at the Eurovision 2003? On the TV I heard that they can't participate,because they had not enough points, and from Maja Tatic I heard that Bosnia will participate. Change of rules. The newer countries were meant to be in the contest for 2003 but postponed until 2004. Albania, Belarus, Yugoslavia (serbia-montenegro), Georgia. Hence the extra space to allow Bosnia,Turkey,Greece and Austria to enter. 29 Nov Slavisa Mijatovic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Who won with the song La La La and in what year? 1968, sung by Massiel for Spain 17 Nov Dennis Winney UK
Who was in the four way tie in 1969? Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France 14 Nov Lucy Henwood UK
Can you tell me what female artist sang the song "Go go before you break my heart - possibly Italian about 20 years ago? Go" is the english version of "Si", sung by Gigliola Cinquetti, 2nd in 1974 ESC

(Thanks for Klaus Berg from Germany and Nicole Davison from the UK with the answer to this question)

13 Nov Julie UK
Where can I find the Rules for Eurovision 2003? There are available when they become available! 07 Nov Lyn Ansell UK
How come between 1971 and 1973, the ones who came last in them year's Eurovisions, got around 50 or 40 points. Malta was a victim of this unusual system, when they entered in 1971 and 2. Belgium was the last to receive it. Tell me why this happened, if you please? Something to do with the old scoring system pre 1975.

In these years votes from 1 to 5 were given by 2 jury members from all countries to each seperate song. This means with 18 contestants each country was guaranteed at least 2x17=34 votes. (thus having received 50 pts. means an average of 1.5 which is pretty few)

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

12 Oct Reece Jon Lloyd UK
Which British singer came second twice in the Eurovision Song Contest ? Accoring to the UK entries, no single artist came second twice. 28 Sep Jim Morris Wales
Is it true that The ESC cannot be held out in the open air? I haven't heard that. You don't want to get wet on the day of the contest!

It is not written literally in the rules though it was once suggested by a broadcaster and EBU disapproved

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

20 Sep Silvan Spagnol Malta
Is it true that there will be a 'Popstar-like- documentary made during the auditioning for the Irish Eurovision entry That is the rumour following the success of the 2002 Spainsh Entry. 19 Sep Teresa Ireland
Will the Faroe Islands or Greenland ever enter Eurovision? They are part of Denmark hence enter on behalf of the Danish Competition. In 2002, The Faroe Islands was represented in the Danish Final and came 4th (in their national competition)

(Thanks for Kalle Vestergaard from Denmark with the answer to this question)

21 Aug Michael Daye UK
Has anyone from the Aland Islands or the Channel Islands entered for any country yet? The Channel Islands is covered by the UK

The Aland Islands were represented in the Finnish Contest in the mid-90's (by a girl named Therese Karlsson) but didn't make it to the Eurovisian finals.

(Thanks for Girls from the Aland Islands from Finland with the answer to this question)

21 Aug Michael Daye UK
How many times has the UK been represented by a Welsh-born singer? Jessica Garlick (02), Emma(90) and Mary Hopkin(70) 20 Jul Reece Jon Lloyd UK
Why Ukraine,Belarus,Yugoslavia and Albania no participienting in eurosong 2003? No Idea. They can enter in 2004 26 Jul Kiko Macedonia
Will Greece be at Eurovision Song contest 2003 in Latvia? Yes 16 Jul Minos Alexandrous Cyprus
Is there a website about the W.S.C? When did countries have to sing in their native language and why? No website for World Song Contest.

In 1975, ‘Teach In’ won in English, the rules was changed for 1977 but the countries who had already a song for 1977 in English can singing it in this language (like Telegram for Germany, A million in 1, 2, 3 for Belgium, Boom Boom Boomerang for Austria (German/English),

(Thanks for Alain Bamps from Belgium with the answer to this question)

Abba won in 1974, but the free-language rule was not changed until 1977. The reasons however are unclear to me as well. And of course the rule was changed in 1999.

(Thanks for Ben from the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

15 Jul Bob UK
What was the song what Sonia sang for the uk? Better the Devil You Know 14 Jul Louise Hession UK
What age was Dana when she won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970? She was 18

(Thanks for Alain Bamps from Belgium with the answer to this question)

09 Jul Eimear Allen Ireland
Did  Mary Hopkins sing in the Eurovision song contest, what year and what song?  Did she win? Song was "Knock Knock Who's There?" in 1970, came 2nd 07 Jul Jane Watt UK
In 1969 there were 4 joint winners of the ESC who were they? UK, Netherlands, France, Spain 06 Jul Kat UK
Will Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey and Austria contest in the contest 2003? Yes 03 Jul Slavisa Bosnia and Herzegovina

2002 First Half, Questions and Answers

Question Answer Date From
When was the last time Italy did enter Eurovision and what position did they get 1997, with the song "Fiumi di parole" sung by "Jalisse" and came 4th. 30 Jun Dee Bates UK
If Luxembourg won the 1973 song contest why then was the following years contest held in England. Many reasons. It could be money or location or the BBC had experience of the whole event and can do a better job! 29 Jun Brian Parkinson UK
When Abba won with Waterloo in 1974, how many votes did they get from the French Jury Nothing. France didn't enter in 1974. 27 Jun Mike Bishop UK
Is there a web site that has details for different countries on entering the contest? If not, where can we find out how to qualify, if we're outside of the UK? There is no one site, but try the website. 27 Jun Paul Sweden
The tune to Holly Valance's hit "Kiss Kiss" was a Turkish entry few years ago do you know  when and who sang it? Holly's song is an English cover of Simarik, sung by Tarkan. It was a hit in 1998, but never entered the the ESC

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

25 Jun Ersin Mehmed UK
Does anybody know the name of the Danish pop duo who, along with 'Aqua', provided the mid-show entertainment at the 2001 Eurovision in Denmark? Also, what song did they perform? Safri Duo

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

25 Jun Ian Australia
Please could you tell me where I could find a list of all the song writers for all Eurovision entries? I don’t think that you can found it on the web or maybe with a few time to spare, page by page at the site SongTrush, where are all the lyrics of the songs since 1956.

(Thanks for Alain Bamps from Belgium with the answer to this question)

20 Jun Katherine Williams UK
Did Sestre ever record their song for Slovenia 2002 in English? Sestre did record 'Samo Ljubezen' (Only Love) in English, I heard it while in Greece. It sounds much better in Slovenian!

(Many thanks to Darren of the UK with the answer to this question

17 Jun Simon Rodgers UK
Why has Morocco entered once and never again. Could they ever enter again? They take the opportunity that Israel wasn’t in Den Hague in 1980. The Israelis was celebrate the Victims of the Shoah. There was also a question of religious (like the absence of Turkey in Jerusalem in 1979). The Song Contest is not only a “Love Story”!! If the date of the Contest is again on the date of a religious day in Israël, maybe they will hape an opportunity. The Israelis are not the only ones, it’s like the Greeks and the Cypriots when it’s the Orthodox Easter.

(Thanks for Alain Bamps from Belgium with the answer to this question)

17 Jun Simon Rodgers UK
Where did the U.K come in the Eurovision song contest, in 2002? Joint 3rd, but for some UK bookmakers, they came 4th, due to the 12 point rule which Estonia had more 12 points than the UK. 15 Jun Madihah UK
When did England win the Eurovision Song Contest Never. England as a country never entered! It is known as the UK!. UK won 5 times, 1967, joint in 1969, 1976, 1981, and 1997 14 Jun Alexandra Rosie Parry UK
Do you know if this years winner will be released in the uk as a single and do you know a record number if its released else where I hope so, but try as they may stock it. In 2001, some of the big UK record stores decided not to stock the Estonia Winner CD. 11 Jun Andy Thompson UK
What is the maximum number of performers allowed on stage 6

(Confrimed by Alain Bamps from Belgium)

06 Jun James Augustus/Samantha Holmes UK
Where can I find the costume that the 2002 singer from Malta was wearing The outfit was made by a two Maltese designers at "HOT COUTURE" it was made specifically for Ira Losco.

(Many thanks to Ira Losco of Malta with the answer to this question, yes the 2002 Maltese Entry)

Please can you add that Ira Losco's 2002 Eurovision Costume was kindly given by Ira and was auctioned for charity during the New Year Festivities. It sold for Maltese Lira 700. Well Done Ira.

(Many thanks to Lawerence Margin of Malta for the additional info)

The outfit sold for charity last year was not the one from ESC.  It was the leopard catsuit Ira wore in the local National Final when she performed 'One Step Away', which placed 3rd.

(Many thanks to Ilenia D'ambrogio of Malta for the updated info)

04 Jun Anna Norway
What year did Niklas Andersson compete He never entered the main Eurovision Contest, but look like that he was in the Swedish Qualifier for 2002. 03 Jun MIchael M UK
What is the most recent news about Serbia& Montenegro (Yugoslavia)? Will they participate in 2003? At the moment, yes. See bottom of page. 01 Jun Filip Markovic Germany
Why Latvia entered the 2002 song contest while it had poor score in 2001, below Portugal and equal to Netherlands which did not participate in 2002 ESC. And why did they increased the number of participating countries to 24 instead of 23 in order to include Latvia? I don't know but it could be one of the countries who originally qualified decided to drop out and Latvia takes their place.

This is because Portugal withdrew and Latvia were higher up than the Netherlands because Latvia's highest single score was an 8, while the Netherlands only a 6
(Many thanks to Michael Kuipers of UK with the answer to this question)

01 Jun Nick carellos Greece
Will Ukraine, the second largest European country enter the ESC 2003? At the moment, yes. See bottom of page. 31 May Chris D Norway
How many times was U.K's Eurovision Song entry interpreted by a foreign singer? Can you also give me their names and their nationality, the name of the song they sang, and in which year? Katrina and the waves, American (1997)
Gina G, Australian (1996)
Olivia Newton John, Australian (1974)

(Many thanks to Mike Collins of the UK with the answer to this question)

Yes I am Maltese but I still live in London, we have a new cd coming out in the early part of the new year.

(Many thanks to Ray Caruana (the singer) of Malta with the answer to this question)

30 May Lawrence Magrin Malta
Which duo turned down the chance to represent the UK in the 1975 contest? Peters and Lee are rumoured to have been asked around this time and turned down the offer, but I've never seen written confirmation of that.

Many thanks to Thomas Latham of the UK with the answer to this question)

29 May Neil Barker/
Beryl Spottiswood
Which countries will participate at the next year's Eurovision Song contest? See bottom of page. 29 May znt Slovenia
Anybody know who sang Black & White blues for France in the early 90:s or late 80:s and the correct name of the song? 1990, by Joëlle Ursull
Answer is available on this site
28 May Draxi Sweden
Since when the contestants are allowed to sing in another language than their own (the one of the country they are representing)? 1999 in Israel. 27 May C Pavlicic UK
Whose the sexy Estonia jury presenter, that provided there vote??? It's DJ Elektra

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

27 May Dtephen Robb UK
I am looking for the names of the dancers of the winning song Latvia 2002 the boys danced great and I would like to know more about them. webpage or links. Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 27 May Patrick Kiens

Anna Lukovic



Why Georgia, Aserbaijan and Armenia not participated in eurosong? Because they are not in the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) 27 May Kiko Macedonia
What year did Johnny Logan won the song contest with th song "hold me now"? For which country and when? I think it was for Ireland, but I'm not sure!.. It is Ireland in 1987. He also won in 1980 with "What's Another Day" and compose the winning song for Linda Martin in 1992.

Linda Martin was one of the judges on Irish Popstars.

26 May Bengt E.Kauserud Norway
I wonder what happened to the countries Slovakia and Hungary. Are they still active members of the EBU? I can't find them in your lists but some years ago, both countries entered the ESC and then disappeared. Oops, my mistake. They can enter if they want to. 26 May Jan Netherlands
How do you find out about entering a song for the contest??? Depends on what country you live in. For the UK go to 26 May Alex Hancock UK
Is it legitimate for countries to vote politically - in particular Greece/Turkey/Cyprus and the Baltic States? Surely they should make this against the rules!! I think the rules needs changing about this. Terry Wogan did mention it. I suggest that a country are not allow to give 12 points to a country who they gave 12 points the previous year 25 May Joanne Butler UK
Why isn't Ireland in the Eurovision contest 2002? Will they be in it next year 2003? Ireland got relegated in 2001 due to poor scoring. This was done to make way for other countries to enter. Yes, Ireland returns in 2003 guarantee. 25 May
Kylie Benbow UK
When did the UK last win the contest and who was it? In 1997 with "Katrina and the Waves", with "Love Shine a Light"
Answer is available on this site
25 May
Roy Standen UK
What happened to the live orchestra? When did it disappear, and is there any possibility that it will be back in the future? It disappeared since 1999. I think it could be due to space in the venue. Don't know about when it will come back. 21 May Fredrik Sweden
Im going to a Eurovision party where each guest has to adopt a participating Euro nation and come along with food and drink. Part of the fun is to act as a judge and score each entrant and my task is to produce score voting/score cards - what criteria do the judges follow? - help Lucky you!. Judges cannot vote for their own country. Scores are based on giving 12 points to the favourite, then 10, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Another good thing could be "This is London Calling. Here are votes of the UK jury!". 20 May Simon Alce UK
I would really like to know if you could tell me who the Danish "spokesman" of the Eurovision Song Contest 1999 from Israel were. What I mean by "spokesman" is the person who delivered the points from Denmark. In the old days, before telephone voting, we would call him/her chairman of the jury. The spokeswoman in 1999 was actually a previous entrant for Denmark in 1984, 1985 and 1988, as part of a group "Hot Eyes". Her name was Kirstin. 18 May Kalle Vestergaard Denmark
I am Scottish, and for political reasons would not like to participate on behalf of the UK. Are there any rules stopping me from participating on behalf of another EBU country? As a singer, No. You can sing at any country. Katrina in 1997 is American and sang for the UK. As a writer, Yes. You need to be a resident of that country to enter. 14 May Fergus Scotland
Several years ago there was a British entry chosen on a Terry Wogan knock out TV programme. It was sung by a man of (I think) Maltese origin. (He had a ponytail if that helps). The song he sang was hypnotic and was typical of how some excellent songs involved in the ESC process just go into a black hole. I haven't heard it since. I believe it came second (a travesty). What was the song please and who is the singer and what is he doing now? The man is Ray Caruana. The group was Live Report and yes the UK was second to Riva and Rock Me For Yugoslavia

(Many thanks to Mark Strange of the UK with the answer to this question)

I am the singer who sang for the U.K. IN 1989 with the song "Why do I always get it wrong" I'm still singing with my band "Dorothey's Shoes" we are an 8 man unit doing original & cover songs. we play in & around the London area.

(Many thanks to Ray Caruana (the singer) of Malta with the answer to this question)

12 May Joe Mack UK
Which Singer Represented the UK in consecutive Years. It was Ronnie Carroll in 1963 and 1963
Answer is available on this site
10 May Kim Collings UK
When did Abba win the Eurovision Song Contest? A lot of people want to know the answer to this question. It is in 1974 09 May Alison Tucker UK
Why has the United Kingdom hosted the competition several more times than they have actually won it? Could be anything!. The cost of running the thing is huge. 06 May Daniel Cunningham UK
Nicola Kerr was one of the Plus 2 in Ireland's Swarbriggs Plus 2 1977 entry, but had previously been in a group called Chips - is this the same Chips who were in the Irish National finals of 1976,1978, 1982 Nicola Kerr was never in the Irish band Chips; it was actually Linda Martin!

(Many thanks to Alan Murrell of the UK with the answer to this question)

04 May Robert Curry UK
Who made the Intro-Music for the Eurovision Song
Contest 2000? (The Video with scenes from Sweden and the talking lips)
Or is it a real song or only a musicloop?
It was produced by a man called Naid, it was available via but he has had his site turned off. Naid was a famous music artist.

(Many thanks to Armand Versace of Hungary with the answer to this question)

01 May Melanie Germany
It is true that 35 countries are eligible to enter the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest as this is the number of countries which are members of the EBU, however some countries don't participate eg Egypt, Italy, Yugoslavia and a maximum of 24 entries is allowed as no contest can exceed the length of 3 hours. There is an unofficial limit of 24 countries in the final because some EBU members can't or won't clear more than three hours of live prime time on a Saturday. Allowing for intro, interstitial material, hosts' links, interlude, voting and finale, at just over three minutes on average per song the rule of thumb is that performances take just under half the runtime. Hence the 24-country limit and the controversial elimination of prior years' bad performers such as Holland and Ireland. Four big nations (UK, Germany, Italy and France) are guaranteed places on the strength of the size of their financial contributions to the EBU, but Italy refuses to join in these days because it feels its musical reputation would suffer! There are constant rumours of a two-stage event to fit in more nations, but the same problem of finding airtime would probably prevent this.

(Many thanks to WJ Philips of the UK with the answer to this question)

13 Apr Stephen UK
What was the first ever song to be performed at the ESC? And who was the presenter of that show 1956. The Netherlands with De vogels van Holland sung by Jetty Paerl. The Presenter was Lohengrin Filipello.
Answer is available on this site
11 Apr Hayley Oakden UK
In which year, the ESC has been broadcast in colour for the first time? (should be either 1965, 1967, 1968 or 1969) 1968 31 Mar Helga Van den Steen Belgium
You have put the background information for years 98 onwards which i find useful. Do you know any of the songs that went forward for the song for Europe in previous years? Unlikely, as these are the ones I remember! 27 Mar Ann-marie UK
What year was the first ever ESC? And which country won it 1956, Switzerland
Answer is available on this site
18 Mar amy edwards UK
When did Ireland first win the Eurovision Song Contest 1970, with "All Junds of Everything" by "Dana"
Answer is available on this site
14 Mar Clare Mutch Ireland
What are the rules for the qualification for ESC 2003 I think it is the same as this year. 12 Mar Luis Braga Portugal
What was the name of the person that won the first Eurovision song contest for the UK 1967, with "Puppet on a string" by "Sandie Shaw"
Answer is available on this site
08 Mar Marie Reid UK
Will there be a cd this year with all the participating songs, like in 2000 and 2001? Well I hope so. I want one! 02 Mar Jesper Bexkens netherland
Which artist designed the advertisements for the 1969 contest? The artist who designed the '69 advertisement is Salvador Dali

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

10 Feb theStony austria
Can you give me an information why Bulgaria never participates in Eurovision Song contest? Many other former East European countries do - since 1989. I have some lyrics in both English and Bulgarian and would be glad to give a try and inspire them to join it year 2003. Bulgaria can enter the contest as they are members of the EBU. Reasons for not entering, I don't know. Could be something to do with the cost of staging the event. To Join 2003, countries must broadcast the 2002 contest. 18 Jan Allen Janev Kisinov Sweden/Bulgaria
How many times have abba performed for Sweden and when Once in 1974. They have done the ESC once but they tried in 1973 but were only placed third in Sweden's 'song for Europe' contest by so-called music experts and before that in 1972 but they failed to make the Swedish Finals.

(Many thanks to Mike Collins of the UK with the answer to this question)

18 Jan Hanna UK
What are the 7 most outrageous or dramatic stories from the history of Eurovision?  Also, was there ever a year that it did not happen? Has any country ever been disqualified? (i) No Idea (ii) It has been shown every year since 1956 (iii) No country has been disqualified after reaching the final. 15 Jan Joe Hart UK
Name of the winning song written for the Samaritans "Love Shine A Light" for the UK in 1997 composed by Kimberley Rew

(Many thanks to Ben Tumminaro of the Netherlands confirming the answer to this question)

06 Jan Jean Norton UK
I had it in my head that Boney M entered the ESC in the 70s, representing Germany.  I see from this site that they didn't - do you know if they were in the German national finals one year, and this is what I'm thinking of?  Or am I just mad? You are probably thinking of Dschingis Khan in 1979. They sang the song 'Dschingis Khan'

(Many thanks to Michael Daye of the UK with the answer to this question)

04 Jan arkady renko Ireland

2001 Second Half, Questions and Answers

Question Answer Date From
Who represented Ireland in the 2001 Eurovision song contest Gary O'Shaughnessy singing "Without Your Love". One of Irelands worst performing song which caused Ireland to lose it's place for 2002 contest. 30 Dec Clara Bennett Ireland
I heard a rumour that 35 Countries will be allowed Participate in 2003?.
I don't believe it do you?.
Can anyone confirm this. 35 countries will probably make the contest 5 hours long! 20 Dec Michael O'Connor Ireland
What year did Britain first enter the Eurovision Song Contest? 1957 11 Dec Sally Kay UK
How many audience were in The Spektrum in ESC 1996 in Oslo? 6000. The capacity was 8000, but 2000 seats were replaced by the huge stage.

(Many thanks to Ben Tumminaro of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

01 Nov Martin de Roo Netherlands
Firstly is it true that Turkey and Israel have been eliminated from this years Eurovision because of safety reasons incase they win in 2002. Secondly is it true that linkin park are contenders to represent the u.k in 2002 if this is true i think it would be bad for the u.k and Eurovision  I have heard nothing yet about Turkey or Israel. Don't rely on rumours about contenders to represent the UK or any country until it is announced. 31 Oct Rhiley UK
Is there any news of the world song contest yet? It was cancelled for 2001. I have heard nothing more. 16 Oct Rhiley UK
The interval act on the ESC in 2000 Stockholm was called: "once upon a time Europe was covered in ice". Violin by Caroline Lundgren. I'm looking for the song on CD. Can anyone help me or tell me where to get it??? Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 08 Oct Dirk Van De Catsyne Belgium
Who Presents the 47th Eurovision Song Contest?, In Tallinn, Estonia. Presenters are not known until Spring 2002. 27 Sep Michael O'Connor Ireland
Was it Israel or Turkey who had a son were they sang something like "hopa holey holey holey, hopa holey holey holey, hopa holey holey hopapa" I am not sure but I think it is the 1986 entry from Turkey; Halley by Klips & Onlar (they came 9th out of 20)

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

The song is the Israeli entry in 1987, "Shir habatlanim", performed by Datner & Kushnir.

(Many thanks to Klaus Berg of Germany with the correct answer to this question)

25 Sep Gittan Seipl Sweden
I read on several websites that Portugal declined an offer to participate in the ESC in Tallinn, and on one website that the Czech Republic will participate, do know of this? If so, can you elaborate. Portugal does not enter the esc 2002 but the czech republic neither enters the 2002 esc

Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

15 Sep Richard Holme UK
Is still any language allowed (English for example) in Eurovision song contest or countries must sing again only in their native language I heard from a national radio station to happen so... I'm not too sure, but until we hear otherwise, it is any language. 30 Aug Aljosa Cerne Slovenia
In a site said that at the Eurovision song contest 2002 Latvia will be come is that true? Yes it is true. Latvia will enter the esc 2002 instead of Portugal

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

29 Aug Minos Alexandrou Cyprus
This might be a stupid question, but how are you eligible to enter the Eurovision song contest, and can Australians enter? You have to be a resident of that country you want to enter. Australians cannot enter unless Australia enters the Eurovision Song Contest (which will never happen!!) 26 Aug Jackson Tan Australia
Did kenneth MacKellor ever represent UK at Eurovision song contest? Yes, in 1966 with the song "A man without love"
Answer is available on this site
21 Aug James Johnstone UK
What number in the UK charts did Alsou's song 'Solo' get to? Is there a Eurovision chart singles website? It never reached the top 40 UK Charts. 18 Aug Michael Daye UK
How many countries will be at the Eurovision song contest 2002 Presently, there will be 24 countries entering the 2002 contest. 13 Aug Minos Alexandrou Cyprus
Who won the contest in 1972 Apres Toi sung by Vicky Leandros for Luxembourg
Answer is available on this site
12 Aug Ronald Pitts UK
Hi, I am currently working with a singer in getting a song ready for next years contest. How do I submit an entry into the qualifying heats. Can you help. For UK Writers, go to 06 Aug Mike Telling UK
The Rounder Girls, Taxi, XXL and Ping Pong Band all appeared in which years Eurovision contest? 2000
Answer is available on this site
06 Aug Charles Dover UK
Can Andorra participate in the ESC? If yes, why doesn't participate never ? Andorra is partly members of the EBU, but doesn't have a national TV company, hence they are not allow to enter. 05 Aug Marta Spain
Do you know in what place was the Cyprus' 2000 entry "Nomiza" recorded? Where is the lake it appears during the videoclip? Finished 21 placed out of 24. Not too sure about the lake. 04 Aug Cristian Spain
I have been trying to track a song down for years. I believe it was Greece's entry probably sometime in the 70s. All i know it as, is "di la da di la da da" From memory it was a male vocal with lots of back up singing and just guitar and clapping. I think it's Greece's "Mathima Solfege" in 1975

(Many thanks to Agni Fitti of Cyprus with the answer to this question)

Since the person who asks the question has a Greek name then there is no doubt that the song is "Dirlada Dirladada". The version is probably by Dionyssis Savopoulos, which was quite popular in the early seventies. It must be a popular/traditional song with Aegean islands origin. Please ask sender to e-mail me for details. Propably nothing to do Eurovision contest.

(Many thanks to Michalis Kaloumenos of Greece with the answer to this question)

28 Jul Valerios Calocerinos Australia
I noticed that tickets for ESC 2002 will go on sale in November or December. Do you know where (online or telephone) the sale will be. Is there an official ESC site that Estonia has? Way too early. You have to wait until November for ticket details. The official ESC site doesn't come online until about February. 27 Jul Martin Humble Sweden
Does Estonia have enough money to hold the Eurovision At the moment, yes. 25 Jul Juzzy Netherlands
I feel that Israel & Portugal shouldn't be in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Why won't they allow Ireland who won it 7 times participate?.
And why is Ireland out forever?
Why Israel and Portugal shouldn't be in the contest? They are both EBU members and entitle to do so. Ireland failed to qualified for 2002 because of a low score. Ireland is only out for 2002. They will be back in 2003. 20 Jul Michael O'Connor Ireland
In which year did the group/song Creme Brulet enter the contest and who composed it and produced it. Creme Brulet did not appear in any contest final. I do not keep records of national finals.

UK: "Creme Brulet" was never in an ESC. You are either a hoaxer or hoaxee. Creme Brulee (correct spelling) was the fictitious MOR cabaret band in a sketch in the "League of Gentlemen" BBC2 TV series.
(Many thanks to WJ Philips of the UK with the answer to this question)

15 Jul Jackie Brown  UK
Firstly I've heard rumours that the Eurovision song contest will split into two groups because of the large amounts of countries entering is this true???????
Secondly any info on why the world contest was aborted will be much appreciated.
I'm not too sure about the two groups. It was originally thought that the Eastern Block country will enter their own contest and then the winners will go onto the Big Final.

I have no more information regarding the World Song Contest.

12 Jul Rhiley UK
Has a CD/CDs been produced which contains) only the winning songs from each year?
Yes. It has 90% of all the winners. Go to my euroshop page and buy via Amazon using this link. Eurovision 1956/1999 08 Jul Heather Thomassen Netherlands
You said that ESC 2002 could be held at the Saku Suurhall arena in Tallin, and that would make it the 3rd largest live audience (10,000). But what are the present top 5 live audiences for ESCs (and the bottom 5 if possible). I only know the top 3, which are Denmark 2001 (38,000), Sweden 2000 (12,000), Estonia 2002 (10,000)

UK in 1998 had 4,000 and Israel in 1999 had 2,000

08 Jul Richard Holme UK
Why has Luxembourg stopped entering? I have checked how much money Luxembourg has, and they are a very rich country, as is Liechtenstein. Luxembourg has hosted 4 contests, so they can't say they haven't anywhere to hold the contest. And why aren't they in the EBU anymore? Luxemburg have stopped entering because of the lack of entries for there country

(Many thanks to Rhiley of the UK with the answer to this question)

08 Jul Michael Daye UK
Do you know what year England entered with 'Making your mind up' by Bucks Fizz? 1981 08 Jul Dazza UK
Is there any news about the world song contest yet The event is now cancelled for some reason! 07 Jul Rhiley UK
Why are Yugoslavia coming back? What will happen in the voting if Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia and FYROM enter in the same year? And will Italy come back with Yugoslavia in 2003? This is what an Israeli Newspaper said that Yugoslavia could come back. However, on the 2002 list of countries, Yugoslavia are not on the list, hence they are not entering the 2002. Italy still has no interest in the contest. They can enter whenever they like if interested. 01 Jul Michael Daye UK
When will the draw be held for the song positions for ESC 2002? I expect BBC won't broadcast it, but could you tell me anyway. Sometime in November. However, see 2002 page for countries entering the 2002 contest. 01 Jul Richard UK

2002 First Half, Questions and Answers

Question Answer Date From
Why don't Ukraine enter? They have broadcast recent contests, have their own TV company and are the second largest European country. The main reason is due to money. They are scared that if the Ukraine won, they will not have enough money to fund hosting the following years event. It nearly happened to Estonia. 30 Jun Michael Daye UK
Who is the singer that has ever sung more time in Eurovision Corry Brokken (Netherlands - 56, 57, 58)
Domenico Modugno (Italy - 58, 59, 66)
Fud Leclercq (Belgium - 56, 58, 60, 62)
Hot Eyes (Denmark - 84, 85, 88)
Ireen Sheer (Luxembourg-74,85,Germany-78)
Jahn Teigen (Norway - 78, 80, 82)
Katja Ebstein (Germany - 70, 71, 80)
Kirsti Sparboe (Norway - 65, 67, 69)
Lys Assia (Switzerland - 56, 57, 58)
Peter, Sue, Marc (Switzerland - 71,76,79,81)
Romuald (Monaco - 64,74, Luxembourg - 69)
Udo Jürgens (Austria - 64, 65, 66)
Wind (Germany - 85, 87, 92)
Tommy Seebach (Denmark - 79, 81, 93)

(Thanks for Kalle Vestergaard from Denmark for the last entry)

26 Jun Cristian Spain
Have Estonia said whether or not they are going to host next years contest yet? Yes. It looks like it could be on 25 May 2002. Please keep an eye on this site for further details as the 2002 page will become available at the end of June 2001. 24 countries will be entering. 25 Jun Gary UK
Could You tell me, where I can find the site that shows how many times each has won?    Go to winners page this site for details 19 Jun Andero Samelselg Estonia
How can I get the song "J'ai volé la vie" by Nathalie Pâque, from France'89. It's impossible! There is a Finnish record-shop site, that lists loads of obscure(ish) Eurovision entries
for sale, Nathalie's record is there. I can't vouch for their reliability and all that, but anyway, the active link

(Many thanks to Neil of the UK with the answer to this question)

12 Jun Albert Albert Buitrago Spain
I heard a rumour that
Israel is allowed participate in Tallinn
They came 16th.So why shouldn't they be relegated?
It is true. The EBU had a change of heart and allow 2 extra countries to the list. This will mean that Israel and Portugal will be allow to enter. 09 Jun Michael O'Connor Ireland
My partner is obsessed with a song that he only knows two lines of! it is driving me mad. He sings this @Barnet Bee, Barney Bear' constantly. Does it ring any bells for you. If so where can I but it for him! Thanks The song was "A ba ni bi" sung by Izhar Cohen for Israel in 1978 04 Jun Liz Leck England
It's true that in 2002 won't be Freedom of language? A friend told it to me. I hope so I would like to listen Estonian one more time. Countries should be allowed to sing in any language they want, and I think this will be the rule next year. In the '90s, Ireland won four times because of the rule that you can only sing in a native tongue.

(Many thanks to Michael Daye of the UK with the answer to this question)

30 May Edu Rodriguez Spain
There some recent song that were written in English but they have a version in their own languages, do you know the titles of:
-Netherlands 2001, 2000, 1999
-Iceland 1999
-Estonia 2000
-Latvia 2001
There are no Dutch lyrics of the Dutch songs 1999-2000-2001

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

There isn't a latvian version of the 2001 ESC entery for Latvia Arnis Mednis > "Too Much". I think it would sound awful if he did it.

(Many thanks to Janis Libeks of Latvia with the answer to this question)

28 May Alicia Gomez Gomez Spain
What arena will the Eurovision 2002 held in. If Estonia will hold the contest next year, a possible venue is the Saku Suurhall, which is just outside Tallinn. However, it is now down to money in whether Estonia will host it.

Debates are taking place about economy of Estonia's Eurovision win. Malta have offered to host it, and Eurovision needs an answer from Estonia by May 29th, otherwise the 2002 Eurovision goes to someone else! Denmark have not offered to host it, they are patiently waiting till the 29th and don't want to put pressure on Estonia. Estonia have received only 3 quarters of the money they were offered by Eurovision.

26 May Darko Australia
In which Swiss city did the first Eurovision Song Contest take place Lugano 25 May Maggie United Kingdom
Do you know where these former uk entrants are now, they seem 2 have disappeared!
1996- Gina G, 1997- Katrina & the waves, 1998- Imaani, 1999- Precious
2000- Nikki French. And, do you know if Lindsay Dracass is going 2 carry on as a singer after the 'no dream'.
1997 Katrina & The Waves have broken up.
1999 Precious have broken up either (one of them, Jenny Frost is now the new member of Atomic Kitten)
2000 Lindsay is only 16 and possibly doing here GCSE at the moment. She has her whole life ahead.

Other answers will be appreciated.

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

24 May Dazza United Kingdom
When was the first time that video-clips of the song were presented before the contest? Sometime during April. Mp3 were out from the beginning of March. 23 May Michael Terzis United Kingdom
If the songwriter needs to be from the country being represented how come Russia 2000 was written by Americans? Or am I wrong? I'm not too sure about the Russian 2000 entry. May be the American lived in Russian long enough to become a resident of that country. Normally 7 years. 22 May Matthew United Kingdom
Where can I find the results for 1999? Here on this site on the 1999 page 21 May gina marcielli USA
In 1983, Wenche Myhre won the Norwegian final, but she did not perform her song, because she also participated in the German final that year. EBU rules did not allow artists to participate for two different countries in the same year. Nevertheless, Lys Assia appeared in the German final in 1956 (when she won for Switzerland), and Fud Leclerc, who represented Belgium in 1960, was in the swiss final the same year. Would they have been allowed to sing for two countries? And if so, when and why did the rules change?  I think the rule nowadays is that a performer can only have one song in the same contest, but writers are allowed to have more than one song in the same contest. Back then, there were few singers, so I guess it would have been easier for a performer to sing for a country with a small amount of singers.

(Many thanks to Michael Daye of the UK with the answer to this question)
20 May Klaus Berg Germany
Do you know of a URL that lists the TIMES of the ESC (ie times of beginning of broadcasts, and timezone if possible)? Eurovision must start at 7pm GMT. That is 8pm UK (BST - British Summer Time), 9pm CET (Central Europe Time), 10pm Greece/Israel. 20 May Shane McDermott United Kingdom
Ive heard rumours that there is going to be an international version of Eurovision with Europe v America etc is this true?? This is a rumour and could be held at the Albert Hall in London, UK in November. I will keep you posted. 20 May rhily United Kingdom
If Yugoslavia enter will they enter as Serbia or the Federal
Republic of Yugoslavia?
At the moment, it is only a rumour from an Israeli newspaper. We won't know the full details until November 2001. 19 May John Brightman United Kingdom
Which countries will participate in the 2002 Eurovision? See Click here for full details (at the bottom of the page) 18 May Haim USA
In 1974 ABBA sung Waterloo for Sweden in English. Why was that? There were no language restrictions in those early days of the contest. The rules changed soon after that countries must sing in their native language, that was until 1999. 18 May Peter Petrou United Kingdom
After watching all the voting polls over the internet, I cannot understand how Estonia and Denmark came first and second.  They were the outsiders in every poll.  Where as Greece, who was top in most of the polls, came third.  Can someone please explain? It happened to the poll on this site. It must be that there has been more visitors from Greece voting on internet polls than other countries. Greece ended up bookies favourite to win in the UK. 17 May MARIA  Greece
I have listen somewhere that Italy, Monaco and Yugoslavia will return in 2001, it's true? What about Hungary and Slovakia? Will return someday Morocco? Will enter someday any new country, dom you have rumours? Thanks. Italy won't return to the esc and there are rumours about Monaco (these are still rumours). The same about Yugoslavia and it's not likely that Hungary and Slovakia will return. At least not in 2002 because they didn't broadcast the esc 2001 live or within 24 hours and that is a rule from the EBU to be able to enter the songcontest one year later.

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

EBU have confirmed that Yugoslavia will be back next year. Italy, Monaco, Morocco or any new country won't. Slovakia did not broadcast the 2001 edition, Hungary is not able to host the contest in case of a victory for financial reasons.

(Many thanks to Klaus Berg of Germanywith the answer to this question)

16 May Alicia Spain
Have SKAMP (Lithuania) always been so stylish Maybe. 15 May Kilie Laarpu USA
How can I enter a song for the Eurovision Song Contest? For UK Writers, go to but you have to wait a while to enter the competition. Others countries, please contact their local television companies. 15 May Dannii United Kingdom
Is it true, that countries can not sing in English language any more in eurosong 2002 competition?
Who suggested this?
I heard nothing about this rumour as yet. 14 May Aljosa Cerne Slovenia
I am Greek and I have a written a song that i would like to submit to the Greek Tv company. However, i am also living in England and i am a resident of both countries. Does that present a problem? Can i use an English singer? It depends where you spend the most time, either in the UK or Greece. If you live in the UK, you can always enter the UK contest. The singer can be any nationality. Eg. Katrina in 1997 for the UK is American. 14 May Hermes Greece
I would like to know the countries that are eliminated this year and how many points needs Spain for not to be eliminated next year Spain required 0 points to qualify for the 2003 contest, in 2002, as Spain is one of the big 4 countries. See three questions below. Otherwise, it is the top 15 position, not points that are required qualification to the next year. 13 May Ferran Tarrasó Spain
Is the United Kingdom out of Eurovision 2002 or what? No. See two questions below. 13 May Daz United Kingdom
When will Tickets to attend the 47TH Eurovision Song Contest in Tallinn, Estonia go on sale? November or December 2001. Bad luck to Ireland in 2001. 13 May Michael O'Connor Ireland
In your site I saw that next year (2002) you wrote that "Automatic Qualification regardless of score - France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom". Why is that? France, Germany, Spain and United Kingdom are known as the big 4. These countries contributes the most money to Eurovision, hence whatever the score they will qualified for the following year. (UK nearly got knocked out in 2001 if this rule didn't apply) 13 May Iddo Israel
Who won the Eurovision song contest in 2000? I thought this was an obvious answer, as the winner of 2000 hosted the 2001 contest. It was Denmark. 12 May Terri O' Kane Northern Ireland
What were all the England Eurovisions entries, cos' i am going 2 download them. Is there a cd with all the uk entries on? And, is there a cd with all the entries of a specific year on? The UK entries are found at the UK page. There is a CD which contain most of the UK entries. It is called This Is Eurovision and it is priced £14.99 12 May Dazza United Kingdom
Did Turkey ever win the Eurovision song contest? If they have not won what was the highest place thet they become? Turkey never won. Highest score was in 1997, with 121 points and came 3rd. 10 May Murat Bolat Netherlands
Does anyone know when the Eurovision song contest 2002 will be done? Is it on the 11th of may 2002 maybe? The date is not announced until November 2001. It could be at any time in May 10 May Murat Bolat Netherlands
Why do the African counties for example Morocco and Egypt are allowed take part in the 'Eurovision Song Contest' even thought they are not in the continent of Europe? I have found that Israel and Turkey are also in the contest but again they not in the continent of Europe. This is the most asked question. Countries must be a member of the EBU to enter the contest even if they just out of Europe. 10 May Peran Ainscough United Kingdom
Where can i find please the English version of the Greek 1991 entry (anixi - sofia vossou). it has never been released officially as a single but only as promo for the ESC 1991 Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 09 May Konstantinos Greece
Do you know where I can find the lyrics of the 2001 song contest. Most sites are not updated and just have lyrics until 2000 and on the official sets I can't find lyrics. The 2001 song lyrics can be found on this site 08 May Jesper Bexkens Netherlands
I've heard that EVSC is broadcast in Australia and Japan, how about New Zealand I don't know. The contest will be a webcast from the official site live on Saturday 12 May at 9pm CET (Central Europe Time). 5 Different camera angle can be viewed! However, it will start broadcasting from 8:30pm to 12:45am CET (7:30pm to 11:45pm UK) 07 May Martin New Zealand
I have been trying to find the lyrics 4 "Je suis l'enfant soleil", preformed by Anne-Marie David in the 1979 ESC.
I haven't found it at all, ANYWHERE... could you please help me?
Try here.

(Many thanks to Edo Avraham from Israel with the answer to this question)

06 May Gill Israel
Do you know where I can purchase a copy of the Official Programme for the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 from? I wish I know as I am after the programme too! As soon as I find it, it will appear here.

The official Eurovision CD is available for £11.99. Click on this link to buy Eurovision Song Contest 2001.

06 May Malcolm Dorr United Kingdom
Is Jordan will televise Eurovision Song Contest 2001 on Jordan television Jordan should do as they did broadcast the 2000 contest. 02 May Mazen Jordan
Why Yugoslavia haven't participate on ESC from 1976-1981? Yugoslavian TV withdrew in 1976 citing strong pressure from the public and press to do so as they thought the contest was becoming too commercial. I assume they stayed out for siilar reasons.

(Many thanks to Thomas Latham from the UK with the answer to this question)

02 May Milos Milovanovic Yugoslavia
What should Yugoslavia do to become an EBU member again?
How can it be easier to become an IMF member than a member of EBU? Are there any demands for membership from YU - officials?
Not too sure, but I have a feeling that Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia must all resign from the contest. 02 May Milos Milovanovic Yugoslavia
I like very much Eurovision. But in the last years, Eurovision  is very unfair, because -I beliave- isn't had the juries.In 1999 Germany, Bosnia with songs when was so stupid had the 3rd and the 7th positions. And Cyprus and Spain when was an excelent song  had the 22th and the 23th positions. WHY???? Everyone has their own opinions. I personally like the new televoting, as it is sometimes more interesting than the jury themselves. Germany has a good song in 1999. I told a national newspaper in the UK that Cyprus will win 1999. I was totally wrong! Not many Europeans can understand Spanish! 01 May Michael Cyprus
How many times has Ireland won the Eurovision song contest and can you please name them 7 times. For full details go to the Irish Page. 01 May John Bryant Ireland
When was the Eurovision contest first shown on British television and is it the longest running British television show to date. I'm not too sure about it. It could be 1957 when the UK had their first contest. 01 May Derek  Haggath United Kingdom
Of the 47 songs to win the contest (there was a four-way tie in 1969) so far, which one scored the highest number of points in the voting? Katrina and the Waves for the UK in 1997. Scored 227 points 30 Apr Andy Ho Canada
On the night of 1996's ESC we saw the Netherlands with 72 points but a few months later I've noticed that the Netherlands had 78 points. What happened? I'm not too sure. It might be that Spain gave an incorrect score. I will check the video tape and it does say 72 points. Poland had 37 in the contest, but ended up with 31 points. 30 Apr Peter Petrou United Kingdom
Why Yugoslavia doesn't participate ESC? Why Yugoslavia isn't EBU member Yugoslavia can't enter as they are no longer EBU members. Yugoslavia was an EBU member a long time ago and then left, something due to the break up of Yugoslavia. 30 Apr Srdjan  Yugoslavia
Witch country was the first to win the contest two times in a row Spain in 1968 and 1969 29 Apr Birger Christensen Denmark
Where can I find information on the careers of the winners of Eurovision? Very little, if not no information, can be found on the web about Severine, Anne-Marie David etc Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 27 Apr Malcolm Australia
Did any country score null points in the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest None 24 Apr Simon Tarquill Wright United Kingdom
What was the lowest score to win the Eurovision Song Contest Pre 1975, the lowest score to win is 18 (1969)
Post 1975, the lowest score to win is 123 (1985)
21 Apr Richard United Kingdom
My dad wants to know what year did ABBA win the Eurovision Song Contest 1974 15 Apr Michaela Ireland
Do you know where I could buy the sheet music of the song "I Love The Little Things" which was sung by Matt Monro for the UK in 1964. It was composed by Tony Hatch Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 09 Apr Shaun Winterflood United Kingdom
What year was the song "Baubles, Bangles & Beads" in the ESC. Who sang it and what number did it get to. There is no such song which entered the Eurovision Song Contest. It might be in the preliminary rounds but I don't keep this information. 08 Apr Liz Uren United Kingdom
Really keen to enter a song into euro 2002. Please could you tell me how to go about this? For UK Writers, go to but you have to wait a while to enter the 2002 competition. Good luck 03 Apr Tara Smith United Kingdom
For Malta there were two entries with the last name Spiteri, Mary (1992) and Mike (1995). Are they family? Mary Spiteri & Mike Spiteri are not relatives. Spiteri is a common surname in Malta.

(Many thanks to Pierre Mangani of Malta with the answer to this question)

02 Apr Jesper Bexkens Netherlands
Has a CD with all the songs from Cyprus in Eurovision ever been released? If so, where can I find it?
P.S. Useful information: A CD with all the Icelandic songs in ESC has recently been released. It also includes some songs from the finals which sometimes turned out to be even more popular in Iceland than the actual winner!
Something might become available after the contest. Can anyone confirm this? 29 Mar S. Lilja Iceland
Please help me find two 1986 entries! One includes a waitress and a guy in a yellow leotard and the other includes people dressed as if they were at the theatre with pale faces and big pink dresses. They held out their arms and jumped forward, singing what sounded like 'Nuberu, Nuberu'. The first song he mentions is the Swedish entry "E de det här du kallar kärlek?", performed by Monica Törnell & Lasse Holm, the second one is "Romeo" by Ketil Stokkan. The Swedish entry is included in several samplers from Sweden, but I'm not too sure whether they are still available.

(Many thanks to Klaus Berg of Germany with the answer to this question)

24 Mar Michael Daye UK
Who won the contest in 1997 and name the song they sung You should know this. It is Katrina & the Waves with Love shine a light. 16 Mar Sandra Scotland
In the end?, of 80,s ,a male sang a beautiful ballad on his native language about "Macedonian girl" who, and what is the original name of the song? Belgian Philippe Lafontaine with Macédomienne in 1990. He came 12th. Unfortunately the song has never been commercially released and it isn't available. There are only 500 copies of this song.

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

11 Mar Janmichael Finland
How can countries with really bad songs for example Germany in 1999 with that stupid song came 3rd take a very good place and songs like Cyprus which it was great and had a really good music came 22nd ? Did you notice that the 2 points for Cyprus came from the UK? I personally thought that Cyprus would win in 1999 as I done a review of a UK National Newspaper and suggested about Cyprus Winning. I could have something to do with it! The Germany entry was catchy. People will remember bad or catchy songs more than other songs. 08 Mar Pambos Attipa Cyprus
You mention active members who could enter if they wish, Well couldn't this also include Andorra and Liechtenstein? Andorra and Liechtenstein are partly members of the EBU, but neither have a national TV company. Liechtenstein tried to enter in 1976 and even had a song ready, but they had no TV company, so they couldn't enter.

(Many thanks to Michael Day of the UK with the answer to this question)

23 Feb Alex UK
When and why was it allowed to perform in English or other languages for any country It was in 1999 that the rules were changed for any country to sing in any language. Surprising, English was chosen by a lot of countries. I think the reason was to bring the contest up to date, but I may be wrong. 23 Feb Sander Lantinga Netherlands
Is there a limit to how old you are? I know there is a limit for how young you are, but is there one for being old? Also, who was the oldest entrant at Eurovision? I don't think there is an upper age limit, as long he/she can sing and look good! Regarding the oldest entrant, I haven't got a clue, apart from Cliff Richard! 22 Feb Michael Daye UK
In the '80's, there was a British entry that was booed afterwards as many people were against Britain at the time. Can you help me find this entry? It was in 1984, the group was Belle and The Devotions with "Love Games" and they were booed by the Audience in Luxembourg because of British Soccer Hooligans raging in Mainland Europe at the time.

(Many thanks to Stefan Ebert from Canada with the answer to this question)

22 Feb Michael Daye UK
Will there be a cd this year with all the songs taking part in the ESC, like last year? I hope so! We will find out when the contest goes out. Thanks for the correct for the answer below. 21 Feb Jesper Bexkens Netherlands
Who sang "say it again" for the UK Precious in 1999 12 Feb N/A N/A
What is the Date of the 47TH Eurovision Song Contest?. Saturday 12 May 2001 08 Feb Michael O'Connor Ireland
Why do Italians are not interested in the Eurovision contest currently? It's because the Italians think their songs are underrated. They always thought this (example Volare by Domenico Modugno in 1958 or I treni de tozeur in 1984). The Italians say we send wonderful songs becoming hits in charts, but the ESC doesn't like it. We're underrated. That's why they are not interested anymore.

Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

07 Feb Ernest Australia
Do you have any idea, what channels in the US that might show the ESC contest? (Might it be on the UNI channel) Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone in the US help? 04 Feb Jan United States
What's the luckiest number in the Eurovision song contest? i.e. which "position sung" do most countries win in? 8th and 14th place seems to produce 5 Winners. First Sung has generated 3 winners and Last Sung has generated 6 wins. The highest score, Katrina and the Waves in 1997 was sung last but one. 02 Feb Cool Chick Australia
which country won the first Eurovision? Switzerland won in 1956 with Refrain, Sung by Lys Assia. It was held in Switzerland! 02 Feb Shelley Barris United Kingdom
How many countries entered the first Eurovision Song Contest? It is strange that 2 different people ask the same question on the same day! 7 Countries entered, all sang 2 songs 30 Jan Claudia Alegre and Lori United Kingdom
What year was Sonia, in euro and what did she sing and where did she come. Better The Devil You Know, 1993, 2nd with 164 points for the UK. Beaten by Niamh Kavanagh singing In Your Eyes from Ireland 29 Jan Ann Collings United Kingdom
Why did Luxembourg get other people from other countries to sing for Luxembourg? Don't know. Perhaps it is a small country. You have to remember that it is the song writer not the singer that has to be a resident of one country. 27 Jan Michael Keates United Kingdom
Which Country Has had the most votes overall in all the contests? United Kingdom has the most votes overall with 3,241 votes. Ireland is second with 2,923.

Click here to see the full list.

26 Jan Peter Clarke N.Ireland
In the early 60's, Cliff Richard came second with "Congratulations". Who came first: what was the song and what year??? Spain came first with "La La La" sung by "Massiel". It was 1968. 24 Jan Enigma Jones Norway
How come Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco and Syria can join
the Song Contest. Last time I checked, those countries were not in Europe. Maybe they should allow Lebanon and Syria to join, since they allowed Israel and Cyprus. But the rest are African countries!
I get a lot of questions about this. Why Israel in the Eurovision even though they are not in Europe. The following countries are active members of the EBU :

Algeria, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican

To answer your question. These countries are allowed to enter but do not enter and have not entered before. Algeria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Jordan, Libanon, Libia, Moldavia, Ukraine, San Marino, Tunisia, Czechia, Vatican City, White Russia

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

26 Jan Jan Belgium
What does EBU Stands for? European Broadcasting Union 26 Jan ?? ??
Do you know the starting time of the first Song Contest in 1956. Was it 8 pm? I think it could be 8pm UK Time 13 Jan Paul F. Newman UK
What's the official site of the ESC? To be honest, I don't know, as it seems that the official ones for each of the countries disappear soon after the contest. EBU official site is 04 Jan Jesper Bexkens Netherlands
What is the biggest international hit from the Eurovision Song Contest? I think it could be Abba from the 70's. 02 Jan Jane Australia

2001, Questions and Answers

Question Answer Date From
Sometime in the 1960's or early 1970's Luxembourg was involved in some dispute over the contest, after which they refused to host it when it was their turn to do so. What was this dispute all about? EBU rules clearly state that no country with no state owned TV channel can participate. Therefore the Monegasque TV as private cannot enter. Same for Luxembourg where RTL is since some years private

(Many thanks to Nicolas Caterelos from Switzerland with the answer to this question)

22 Dec Anthony Lee UK
There was one year (in the late 1960's I think) in which all the voting was done by representatives actually present in the contest venue (as opposed to the usual system of communicating with each country in turn). Which year was this and why was this method never repeated afterwards? It was 1972 in Edinburgh, UK. It was not a success as one of the jurors acted a fool that evening trying to turn him self into a personality, thus the rules were changed.

(Many thanks to Dave M from the UK with the answer to this question)

Actually, this method was used three times, from 1971 to 1973. It turned out that the system was unfair, because the single countries gave different amounts of points - e.g. in 1971, Luxembourg gave only 43 pts. compared to France's 107.

(Many thanks to Klaus Berg of Germany with the answer to this question)

22 Dec Anthony Lee UK
Monaco won the contest in 1971 (with Severine). Why does Monaco never enter the contest these days? It is because Monaco cannot organize the contest in case of winning it, which is a rule of the EBU

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

  Anthony Lee UK
I would like to acquire the winning song of 1983 of Luxembourg, even if included in the CD or Cassette with all the other songs of that year's Festival I think this is a tricky one to get hold off, as the CD which contains 95% of all the winners song, called "Eurovision Song Contest 1956-1999" doesn't include the 1983 Winner! 13 Dec Albert Falzon Santucci Malta
Which Country has come last in the Contest the most times? Great Idea for a web page. Both Norway and Finland have come last eight times, although Norway has received null points four times, while Finland has received null points only three times.

(Many thanks to Michael Daye of the UK with the answer to this question)

08 Dec Peter Johns England
Do you know who I can purchase tickets for the dress rehearsal in May from? I'm not too sure that these tickets are still available as all tickets has been sold out! 08 Dec Paul Riggio England
What nationality was Corinne Hermes of Luxembourg (1983 winner)? Luxembourg always enter with people from other countries. French

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

01 Dec Michael Daye England
How old was the youngest Eurovision singer? I've heard that it was an 11 year old from France, and the second youngest is a 12 year old from Israel (both entering in 1989).Is this true? I'm not too sure about this, but the youngest ever winner was Sandra Kim from Belgium aged 13. After the 1986 contest, the minimum age to perform is 16.

In 1989 a boy from Israel, Gili was the youngest at 12 years old. Second youngest is a French entry of that year Nathalie Paque (13 years old) She came out for France bust is a Belgian.

(Many thanks to Jesper Bexkens of the Netherlands with the answer to this question)

01 Dec Michael Daye England
The"Bobbysocks" - Norweagen winners from 1985 contained Elizabeth Andreasson and one more girl. What was her name ? Hanne Krogh, who also entered in the 1971 contest for Norway. 30 Nov Johan Heiner Sweden
In what year was the Eurovision Song Contest first held? The first contest was held in 1956 in Switzerland where it all began. Switzerland won that year 20 Nov Sue Freeman UK
Who sang the UK's entry in 1991 A Message To Your Heart sung by Samantha Janus, now an actress. 12 Nov D Griffey UK
I'm just too obsessed with Eurovision! Which countries are allowed to enter that haven't entered before? I'm not too sure about this one. I think everyone who wants to enter, has.

Any more questions, Michael!

05 Nov Michael Daye UK
Will Tunisia ever enter? I've heard many people talk about Tunisia and ESC, but they could just be making it up. For Tunisia to enter the contest, they must obey two rules. (a) They must be a member of the EBU (b) they must broadcast the previous years contest. Eg. to enter the 2002, they must be a member and must broadcast the 2001 contest 05 Nov Michael Daye UK
If a song is three minutes and one second long, would it be allowed to enter? It might! A song from the 1998 contest was 3 minutes 11 seconds at the rehearsals and the song has to be speeded up to fit within 3 minutes, if not, they are disqualified. 05 Nov Michael Daye UK
What is the most amount of countries that can enter in a year?
At present, it is 23 but it can vary. In previous contest, 25 was the maximum. If more countries enter a single contest, we might be sitting on our sofa for more than 4 hours! Bear in mind that the song contest starts broadcasting in Israel at 10pm and UK at 8pm, so a 12midnight finish in the UK means that the contests ends at 2am in Israel! 05 Nov Michael Daye UK
I know that the Faroes are not a proper country, but why can't they enter Eurovision? Morocco and Israel have been allowed to enter, but they aren't European countries. Several reasons. (a) They must show the Eurovision Contest live or new for 2001, within 24 hours of the live broadcast to enter the following years competition. (b) They must be a member of the broadcasting union (EBU).
Even Israel isn't in Europe, they belong to the EBU. Faroes must be in the EBU before they can qualify. Yugoslavia cannot enter anymore as they are no longer members.
22 Oct Michael Daye UK
Do you know the name and author of the song played in the pause in Eurovision 2000 ?
The one with the all the drummers on the stage and the girl who played the violin.
Please help me find this song....
Sorry, Don't know the answer! Can anyone help? 20 Oct Yngve Norway
Which year, what's the name of the artists (group) and the name of the song : Two guys from Israel, dressed in black with sunglasses and hat, sung something 'hoopa hoopa hooly hooly, hoopa hooly hoopa hooly, hoopa hooly hoopa hoopa pa pa ' in the refrain ? It was in 1987 in Brussels.
Name of artists : Datner & Kushnir (Lazy Bums)
Title of song : Shir habatlanim

(Many thanks to Nicolas Caterelos of Switzerland with the answer to this question)

20 Oct Vlastimil Schart Norway
I don't know if anyone has asked before, but do you know when tickets for 2001 go on sale and where can I purchase them from Doesn't anyone read this q&a before sending a question? 10 Oct Ben Hubbard UK
Was Mary Hopkins (singing Those Were The Days) ever a Eurovision contestant?  I could have sworn she was a winner in the late 60s/early 70s, but she doesn't appear in your archives material. She sang Knock, knock, who's there in 1970 for the United Kingdom and came second.
Click here for more details.
10 Oct Sue Walker UK
In 1991's contest, Sweden and France ended up with the same points. How did they decide that Sweden was the winner? It was decided by the maximum points scored. In most cases, it was decided on the amount of 12 points earned. However, both countries has the same amount of 12 points, so it was then decided by the maximum 10 points and hence Sweden won. 09 Oct Debra Phillips USA
The date for the draw will be held on 24 November 2000 in Copenhagen The date for the draw will be held on 24 November 2000 in Copenhagen 25 Sep Shannon Smith UK
Who postponed their wedding so they could take part in the 1969 Eurovision song contest? Sorry, Don't know the answer! First question I got stuck on!!! 20 Sep Liza Hopkinson UK
Where i can buy the "Eurovision song contest 2000"? I have seen it in , but i must buy it in a English, French or Spanish shop, because are the languages what i speak. Might be available at 20 Sep Leonardo Mikaela Spain
From reading these questions and your responses, it looks like it must be very difficult for an American to get tickets for the 2001 contest. Can you tell me how or where I might get tickets in the US? I can't see why not someone from the US can't buy tickets. Tickets are only available (I think) in Denmark and no where else. So, no, you can't buy tickets in the US 19 Sep James Woodford USA
A friend has told me that the tickets for next year's Eurovision will be on sale from Nov 24th. Is this true? At last, the date when tickets goes on sale will be on 27th November. Between 30,000 to 35,000 tickets will go on sale. Price yet to confirm but rumours is that tickets will be between €53 and €67. Tickets may sell out within 3 days. 13 Sep Chris Moyles (BBC) UK
Please give me the name of girl who was played on violin at eurosong 2000? The name of the girl was Caroline Lundgren. She was nicknamed 'The Girl'. The drummers were called Strangas Drumcorps, the dancers were called Bounce and EFTI wrote the song for the pause in 2000. EFTI also made the postcards before each performance.

(Many thanks to Michael Daye of the UK with the confirmation of the answer to this question)

11 Sep Zarko Macedonia
Why is Italy so often absent from the Eurovision contest over the last years ? Simply Answer. They are not interested in it any more. Also, they did not broadcast the previous years Eurovision, hence in the rules, they are not allow to enter the following year. 11 Sep Thiriart Johan Luxembourg
Who was singing for France in 1972 Song was Come...comédie, sung by Betty Mars. Came 11th and scored 81 Points. 09 Sep Kjerstin Elveland Norway
In the 2000 contest the showed as clip with old entries. there was one song with lyrics like this "any walk along with you ding ding dong" which song was that (artist year country placing)? Song was Ding Dine Dong, sung by Teach In for the Netherlands in 1975. Came first with 152 points. 09 Sep Arus Karkantzos Greece
How many tickets will be available for each country when they go on sale? Not too sure about this. I thought it is first come, first served. 09 Sep John Trebell UK
Do you know of any place where I can get Eurovision statuettes?  I am building a shrine to the 1976 competition and have a model of the stage, without any performers! Does anyone have a clue about this one. If so, please email me and I will email Phil about this one! 08 Sep Phil Jupitus UK
How did the jury's give their points before 1975? and why the new system? The voting pre 1975 varied as I think they tried and find different ways of voting. One year, the jury from each country was shown on screen and gave points up to 5 points each. There are too many different ways of voting. It was one of the reason why the 1969 contest ended on a 4 way tie. The current system is fairer and ties are rare, apart from 1991! 05 Sep Claus Simonsen Denmark
Who should I contact for contest tickets for 2001? Please wait until the end of the year for tickets for 2001. It is far too early for any details, unless someone tells me otherwise 25 Aug Sean Morton UK
I would like the words to the 1960 winner by France sung by J Boyer "Tom Philibe". where can i find this? Please read the answer 3 questions below. 23 Aug Mark John Stephens UK
Who sung the Swiss entry in 1997, how many points did it receive and where did it get its points from? Look at this page for all the entries in that year,  here for the Swiss entries and download the excel file, to see who voted for what. 22 Aug Michael UK
Is the olson brothers winning song released in shops, winners of 2000? Sadly, no, for the UK at least. The big record shops in the UK refuse to stock the single, so it never made it in the UK. I tried and buy one a failed. You can buy the official 2000 CD via the Internet but not from the high street music shops. 20 Aug Graham Chambers UK
Where is it possible to find the lyrics for this years songs? I don't know if it is on the internet or not. You can always buy the official eurosong 2000 programme, which contains all the song, in their original language and in English or French. 17 Aug Chandra Sweden
Why is it that Cyprus is not participating in next year's contest? Both Spain and Cyprus did bad this and last year, and yet Spain is participating next year. The reason is that Spain belongs to the Big 4, which are the UK, France, Spain and Germany. This means that these four countries contributes the most money to Eurovision, hence they can enter every contest, regarding of scores. Cyprus isn't one of them, so their qualifications depended on their average score. In this case, it was too low. 16 Aug George Georgiou UK
I just wandered who came on the second place in the competition in 1996 when Eimear Quinn wan. Thank you. 2nd Place was Norway with Eternity by Elisabeth Andreassen. Full results can be seen here 06 Aug Maggan Engström Sweden
I'm looking very very specifically for a MP3 version of the winner of the 1983 contest: "Si la vie est cadeau" - Corinne Hermes of Luxemburg, any idea where can I find it? As mention below, search elsewhere, they are not here and I don't know where you can find them. 05 Aug Omer Perry Israel
Which Eurovision has had the most viewers I have not got a clue but for the UK, it could be the one when it was Televised in Birmingham, UK in 1998. 31 Jul Gabriel Yau UK
I'm looking for the Latvian lyrics of "My star", "Issavienojums". Where can I find them? Get the official book which contains all the lyrics. May not be available now. 30 Jul Martijn van der Veen Netherlands
Can you buy CD`s of the songs sung on the Eurovision song contest? You can get the Eurovision Song Contest CD from Click here to go to the shop 27 Jul Elizabeth Schulz England
Now we know when the Contest is, when will tickets for it go on sell, and when will the draw be made for it? For thoses who don't know the date, the contest will be on 12 May 2001. Tickets may go on sale in early 2001. The draw may be made in November 2000. 15 Jul Holly Anderton Irish Republic
Were Germany have been known has West Germany before they reunified, or were they always Germany? They has also been known as Germany in the Contest. 06 Jul Stacey Sizer UK
Where can I get the single of BrainStorm "My Star" or more information about Eurovision contest 2000? You can try Click here to go to the shop. Boxman no longer trading. 02 Jul Diana Temming Germany
How many songs have been performed in the history of Eurovision, and who was the first EVER country to perform? There has been 844 songs performed in the Eurovision. The first song to be sung was from Netherlands, with the song, De Vogels Van Holland, by Jetty Paerl. 29 Jun Louise Anderton UK
If Greece comes first in 2001 and has 116 points and need 119 points to qualify, what will happen? I assume that because Greece or in fact any other country comes first, they will automatically qualify, regarding whatever points they have. 27 Jun Paris Laos Greece
Where Can I get the official Eurovision CD as shown in the contest You can get the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 CD from Click here to go to the shop   EMAIL  
Where can I get previous Eurovision Contest on Video Unfortunately, I don't know where you can get the video from. Try other Eurovision Sites around the world.   EMAIL  
Where can I buy tickets for the 2001 contest in Denmark and when it is held! I have been asked this question a few times. It is far too early for details at this stage.   EMAIL  
Where can I find CD of Eurovision Songs Try or   EMAIL  
Where can I find mp3 of songs Search elsewhere, they are not here and I don't know where you can find them.   EMAIL  
Where can I submit songs for the Eurovision Contact your television company which is showing the Eurovision or the EBU.   EMAIL  

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