Commonwealth Games 2002 Baton Relay (Ledbury Stage) Day 42

Here are the scenes when the Commonwealth Games Baton Relay went through Ledbury, Day 42 from Coventry to Hereford.

16:10 : A crowd starts to Gather 16:25 : Something is going on. Remember, this is in the afternoon and the High Street is always busy and still open!
16:29: A Cadbury's car travels past 16:32 : Room is made for the runner
16:35 : The Police Escort arrives 16:38 : Something is happening at top cross
16:40 : Oh, its just the Cadburys vehicle 16:43 : There goes the baton, which will end up in Manchester
16:44 : The runners head toward Hereford (well not quite) 16:45 : I want a lift!

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