The Ledbury Floods 1998

Thursday 9 April 1998 was a day to remember. It was the day that Ledbury became an island! Nearly all access routes out of Ledbury were blocked by rain water!. The rain fell so hard and so much that it caused widespread flooding around Ledbury. Bosbury, a village 4 miles away was completely flooded. Bosbury was under 3 feet underwater. A lot of people got stranded in Ledbury. Please bear in mind that this was a one off occurrence and this is the only time it happened in the 25 years I have been living in Ledbury.

The Homend High Street
The Homend. The water is next to the bin! The High Street. Flooded
Church Lane Church Lane
Church Lane, has now become The River Church Lane! A better view of Church Lane Stream
Church Lane High Street
Another view of the temporary Stream The High Street. More Water
High Street River
The High Street. The water flowing from Church Lane The river Leadon, the following day. It burst its banks and flooded the by-pass around Ledbury

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