The Solar Eclipse from Ledbury 1999

Including a picture of a lightning strike the weekend before!

All stills camcorder images were taken by me. None are copyright. You are free to use them. Please be patient. This page with photos takes 117K.

On Wednesday 11 August 1999, The UK saw the last Solar Eclipse of the Millennium. Other countries including France, Germany, Middle East and India also witness the Eclipse.

Ledbury experienced about 95% totality but due to cloud, the maximum totality could not be seen. A noticeable drop in daylight was experienced. Here are some of the images from my camcorder. All times are British Summer Time.

Time : 09:10 Time : 09:21
Time : 10:15 Time : 10:37
Time : 10:40 Time : 10:45
Time : 10:47 Time : 10:51
Time : 10:57 Time : 10:59
Time : 10:59. Last picture before cloud covered over. Time : 11:17 (Maximum Totality, but due to cloud, I couldn't see it!!
What the general picture looked like Nothing to do with the Eclipse, here is a picture of a lightning strike in Ledbury, behind my house, the weekend before the Solar Eclipse.

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