Ledbury on the Television

Ledbury Town has been featured on television many times in the past. Here are some of the Stories. These are mainly from BBC Midlands Today news.

The 3 stories which went national news and mention a few times are:

Ledbury in Bloom 2002 on Midlands Today Friday 30 August 2002. (Right) Shefali Oza the Weather Forecaster in Ledbury

BBC News
Sky Guide
Holiday On A Shoestring
Prutour Prutour Prutour
Heart of the Country Heart of the Country
Heart of the Country Heart of the Country
TreasuLre Hunt Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt
Central News South

Celebrity who are known to have visited Ledbury.

Jan Leaming (Ex-Newsreader) used to live in Ledbury
Bernadette Kearney (Midlands Today) lives in Ledbury, just behind my house!

Richard Hammond (BBC's Should I worry about..., High Street, 2005)
Monty Don (Christmas Switch on, High Street, 2004)
The Queen (1953, 2003)
Angela Rippon (In the town, 2002)
Davina McCall (Tesco and Eastnor Castle, 2001)
Jeremy Paxman (Community Centre, Poetry Festival 29 June 2000)
Prunella Scales (Dotty from the Tesco Advert) (John Masefield High School, Poetry Festival 2 July 2000)
Wincey Willis (Ex-TVAM Weatherwoman) (Royal Hall, Poet Festival 3 July 2000)
Alistair McGowan (BBC Impersonator) (Community Centre, Poetry Festival 30 June 2001)
Angus Deaton (Community Centre, Poetry Festival 14 July 2002)
Keith Chegwin (Big Breakfast around Ledbury Primary School,1994)
Shefali Oza (BBC Midlands Today Weather person)
Different BBC Midlands Today and Central News South News reporter
some members of Blue Peter

If any Ledbury People who knows any celebrity people who came to Ledbury, please let me know. Email at the bottom of the page.

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