Tesco, Ledbury Supermarket

2011 News : Since there is a campaign going on regarding the proposed move of Tesco from it current location in Orchard Lane to the bypass next to Homebase, I had to update this page.

There is a campaign going on facebook for and against. If you go to facebook and search for Tesco Ledbury, there is a Ledbury Approves Tesco Superstore and a Ledbury Opposes Tesco Superstore. I know which way I will be going for but won't mention it here. Please contact our MP Bill Wiggin for your views whether if you are for or against the plans.

These pictures below were taken in 1997 when at the time, we needed a new supermarket. Since then the range has increased, lost the cafe, very busy during peak hours.

Here are some picture before and after photos. It was opened on 18 August 1997. The old building, Spicers was knocked down, as they have moved onto the By-pass. There was a need for a second main supermarket and Tesco decided to build it and here it is.

Spicers Bus Stop
The Before Shot, taken during 1996 The After Shot, taken on 17 August 1997
The Main Spicers building was knocked down and the house on the right was also knocked down. The house which stills stands is there because the owner didn't want to move.
Spicers Warehouse A Fence
The Before Shot, taken during 1996 The After shot, taken on 17 August 1997
The warehouse of Spicers was knocked down and replaced by a Car Park. The ground was also lowered.
Tesco Ledbury Uncomplete Tesco Ledbury Completed
Taken on 27 July 1997 Taken on 17 August 1997
Two weeks work and look what was completed. The car park was finished, the Tesco sign was put up. Ready to be opened. The white bus shelter type looking thing is actually a trolley park, to prevent the trolleys getting wet.

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